German Princess Becomes First Aristocrat To Bare It All On Playboy Cover

The glamorous princess has also been part of several reality TV shows such as ‘Summer House of the Stars,’ ‘Battle of the Reality Stars,’ and ‘Die Berg.’ 

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Princess Xenia's bold Playboy debut

A German princess named Xenia Florence Gabriele Sophie has been making headlines for appearing naked for the US-based Playboy magazine. Sophie is the princess of Saxony, and her naked appearance on the magazine wallpaper is to share the message of self-love. “Every woman is beautiful the way she is,” goes the message. As per the reports, the princess was also doing her best to send out this message.

The Alleged Princess Strips Down As The PlayBoy Cover Star

Royal sensation: Princess Xenia in Playboy

On the cover photo, she is seen wearing absolutely nothing, except for a plain white cloth that she holds across her body. The inside of the magazine spread is as coarse as it gets, featuring several topless pictures of the princess who wears nothing but a bed sheet to cover her lower body. In the second picture, she can be seen wearing a white robe with the top pulled down. In another one, she poses on the poolside topless wearing a sheer skirt that features a waist-high slit. Also, to get that bombshell effect, she has her hair pulled back her hair in a ponytail. 

Her great-great-great- grandfather, Friedrich August III, who breathed his last in 1932, was the last King of Saxony. The princess was reported to have said that if he was alive, “he would have approved” of her posing as it is for a major cause.

In an interview with Bild, she said that he was described as a fun-loving and humorous individual. ‘I feel a special connection with him, and he would have approved it,” she remarked. 

Princess Xenia claims that she was somehow linked to the House of Wettin, but also recalled that her royal family would not agree to it. Although she does not expect any member of the royal family to buy a copy of the magazine, she said that she at least “hopes that they will tolerate it.” 

When asked about her royal origin and her childhood as an aristocrat, she stated that the experience was ‘terrible,” and being born into a royal family was never a fortune, but seemed “like a curse.’ Her aristocratic title wasn’t known to her schoolmates until she was 7. However, when the reality was exposed, she was made fun of. “Girls asked me if I had a maid, and boys asked me if I would marry them so that they can also be a prince. However, she is currently happy with the title, and she is making the most out of it. It has also allowed her to take part in several reality TV shows such as ‘Summer House of the Stars,’ ‘Battle of the Reality Stars,’ and ‘Die Berg.’ 

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Later she told the outlet that she was looking forward to bringing her real version on reality TV to show people her original self. Until 2011, her princess status was kept as a secret, but she revealed her royal ancestry via her biography titled ‘Xenia: The Life of a Princess in the 21st Century.’ However, the House of Wettin rejected her claim and refused to own her. 

After the biography was published, the head of the now-defunct dynasty, Maria Emanuel, immediately responded saying “She is a nothing,” She further added that the entire story is a “dreadful faux pas, and only a misfortune for the Wettin House.”

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