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How To Style Box Braids For Any Occasion?

Box braids are the most versatile and protective hairstyles. If you know how to style box braids, they are the ideal choice to add texture and flair to your locks.

Written by Gayatri Sarin

On Oct 19, 2023 – 6 minutes read

How To Style Box Braids

There are numerous fantastic ways to style your box braids. Whether you’re trying box braids for the first time, aiming for a unique braiding style, or considering styling individual braids in an updo., this guide will provide beautiful options on how to style box braids. 

How To Style Box Braids? Tips And Ideas

What Are Box Braids? Box braids are a hairstyle characterized by dividing the hair into equal-sized, square-shaped sections. Extensions are added to each section and braided to form long, stylish, and distinct braids. These braids are uniform and tidy in appearance, and they can be styled in different lengths, designs, and thicknesses.

how to style box braids for school

Box braids can add length and a stylish flare to your outfit. They tuck your curls away to protect them and keep them healthy. The hairstyle is recognized for its protective benefit because it shields the dry ends of the natural hair within the hair. 

Girls of every age love box braids for their versatility. You can wear and style them in different ways, such as buns, updos, or loose hanging. 

Most people seek professional services to get box braids, but it is expensive. Fortunately, once you learn how to style your box braids, you can execute them yourself easily. And once you know how it’s done, you have endless styling options. 

How To Do Box Braids?

The things you’ll need to create box braids are a wide-toothed comb, large hair clips, hair elastics, a tail comb, and, of course, hair extensions

how to style box braids for work
  1. Clean your hair with a mild shampoo and prep for styling with a hair conditioner. Use a wide-toothed comb to make your hair tangle-free. 
  2. Part your hair into four sections. One from the center of your forehead down to your neck’s nape and the other from your left to the right ear. Applying a hair mousse for braids can add volume and shine to your braids.
  3. Clip three sections using the large hair pins and leave one section loose. 
  4. With the tail comb, pick a 1-inch by 1-inch section of hair from the part left loose.
    • If you’re creating box braids with your natural hair, section the hair into three stands and braid till the end. 
    • To join extensions, take one and fold it into half to create an upside-down U. Part the loose section of your hair into three strands, keeping the center strand slightly thicker than the side ones. Place the hair extension’s fold on top of the center strand of your natural hair, ensuring that its two halves join with the side strands. Attach the extension to your hair by braiding just one stitch. Then, divide your natural hair and hair extension into three equal strands and keep braiding to the end. 
  5. Secure the ends with an elastic. 
  6. Keep attaching extensions and braiding to the end for all square-shaped sections of your hair to complete the look.  

How To Style Box Braids: 10 Ways To Style Your Box Braids

Multi-Colored Braids

how to style box braids for wedding

Add vibrant colors to your box braids for a distinct look and style. You can use shades of blue, pink, purple, gold, silver, ruby red, or brown. 

Middle Part

how to style box braids with curly ends

The most basic styling option for box braids is creating a middle part. Box braids allow you to change your part without flyaways or annoying frizz messing with your flow. 

How To Style Box Braids: The Bow Tie Style

how to style box braids for wedding step by step

If you have time and some hairpins, tie half your hair into a bow to enhance the cuteness quotient of your box braids. This fun hairstyle is sure to have people raving.


how to style box braids bob

When you’re in a hurry, go with the half-up hairstyle. Pull some braids back and grab them in a clip. The style removes all strands from your face, thus accentuating your facial features.

Simple Bun

how to style box braids for formal event

The simplest how to style box braids option is a bun. You can create it in a minute, but it still looks quite chic, especially if you have long hair to create a big, voluminous bun. 

Half-Twist Bun

how to style box braids with a scarf step by step

Styling a bun with long box braids is so much fun. Playing with the half-up, half-down style leads to the half-twist bun. All you do is twist half of your hair into a twisted bun while still showing off your length. 

Side Bun

how to style box braids with thin edges

The side bun adds a fun new twist to your regular hairstyle. It stands out because of its fullness. You can tie it up like a top knot or on the side near your ear. But it must have a haphazard off-center placement to maintain an element of surprise.

Top Knot Bun

how to style box braids hairstyles

Another how to style box braids option is to tie a top knot bun. It looks chic and sleek with large box braids. The knot’s spiral pattern creates a pretty detail to complement any look. You can keep the knot tight or loose with a few wispy tendrils peeking out. If you want thicker and more voluminous braids, you can opt for Knotless braids. These braids start right from the scalp with natural hair, and then extensions are added and braided further along with the natural hair.

Wrapped Ponytail

how to style box braids with shaved sides and back

Getting ready for a special occasion, especially a wedding? Make a high ponytail and wrap one of the box braids around your ponytail’s base to create a beautiful and romantic wedding braid hairstyle. Secure it with a pin, and you’re all set to have the perfect wrapped ponytail for the big day.

Beaded Pigtails

how to style box braids for prom

This chic look was loved in the ‘90s and is back to the trend. Have fun with beads of different shapes and colors to add a child-like look to your box braids. Beaded pigtails look gorgeous on long box braids and give a sexy appeal to a basic hairstyle.

What Kind Of Hair Looks Best In Box Braids?

Anyone with hair is a suitable candidate for box braids. A minimum hair length of 1 ½ inches is sufficient for comfortable attachment of the extension, which means you’re ready for box braids even after a significant haircut. You’ll just need to determine how to style box braids to complement your hair. The texture doesn’t matter much either; you can effortlessly wear box braids on straight, curly, or wavy hair.

How Long Will Box Braids Last?

Your box braids typically last between four and six weeks. Experts advise against keeping them in for more than two months, as this can cause your scalp to swell and pull at the roots, resulting in hair breakage. To keep your box braids fresh, style them and use products at the roots and tips.


Box braid hairstyles offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance the length and intricacy of your hair. They provide a respite from the constant pulling, twisting, and combing required to upkeep your locks otherwise, while also offering protection. Furthermore, this protective hairstyle demands minimal maintenance. Learning how to style box braids proficiently can unlock a realm of creative and stunning possibilities for your hair.


1. Do Box Braids Damage Hair?

If you install box braids too tightly or leave them on for pretty long, they can strain the scalp, causing hair breakage. Since the style affects the roots, the scalp can swell up or hurt. 

2. Do Box Braids Suit Everyone?

Box braids are a versatile and attractive style for your hair. Whether or not they will suit someone depends on factors like hair texture, length, and personal style. Generally, people with long, textured hair can carry box braids. 

3. Are Box Braids Healthy?

Box braids are a protective and healthy hairstyle. They protect your natural hair from environmental factors like sun exposure, pollution, and harsh weather conditions. They minimize the need for heat styling, thus reducing hair damage and the risk of split ends. 

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