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Perfect Locks Simplified: How To Use The Denman Hair Brush For Curly Hair?

Denman’s secret? The nylon bristles and rounded cushions make magic together.

Written by Samantha Gregory

On Mar 30, 2023 – 8 minutes read

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If you asked a curly-haired woman about her haircare routine, you’d understand the sheer time, effort, and patience it takes to maintain her style and aesthetic. You’d also be introduced to hundreds of dollars (or perhaps, even thousands) worth of products and tools that are their everyday essentials. 

While it may have taken you years to master your curling haircare routine, I understand why you’d be hesitant to try out anything new. Experiments with hair are no joke- one day you have the perfect curls that would make a supermodel jealous, and the next, it could all turn into a frizzy mess because of the wrong tool.

Trust me, I understand because we’re the same! However, when TikTok trends and YouTube hyped a revolutionary brush that claims to make your curliest dreams come true, I was presented with temptation. 

I gave it a try, and now can’t get enough! So, if you’re here to know what exactly the Denman Brush is and how to use the denman hair brush for curly hair, I’ll walk you through everything we’ve learned.

Before we get into the specifics, here’s a little introduction to the range of Denman brushes. The name may have gone viral recently, but the company is about 80 years old! Created in 1930 in Ireland, the inspiration behind these curl-styling hair brushes was the creator John Denman Dean’s sister, who struggled to maintain her frizzy locks. Years of research led to the launch of a brush made with such precision, that it changed the lives of the previously ignored curly hair type. 

Want to know more? Let’s dive in!

How To Use The Denman Hair Brush For Curly Hair? Understanding The Denman Brush

Sadly, most women spend almost their entire youth trying to tame their hair because of the scarcity of affordable products dedicated specifically to curly hair. As unfair as it sounds, haircare should not cost you a month’s salary! 

How To Use The Denman Hair Brush For Curly Hair?

That’s where Denman introduces its life-altering haircare products that have gathered over 33,000 positive reviews on Amazon! So, what makes them so special that women do not speed walk but run to their stores? Well, the company is known for brushes that could style sleek bobs. Little did the users know that it took just a simple flick of the wrist to create the perfect curl, no matter what curly type you were! For instance, explained below are the three variants of the Denman brush that you can choose from!

Types Of Denman Hair Brushes

  1. For Type 4 Coily Hair: With densely packed curls comes the problem of detangling, which requires a brush with widely-spaced bristles that can prevent breakage. The D4 Original Styler 7 Row Denman Brush is the ideal choice for such a hair type. Equipped with seven rows of bristles that are spaced far apart, this brush will not break your curls up, but give your hair more definition without causing a sore scalp!
  2. For Type 3 Curly Hair:  If you’re asking us how to use a Denman brush on 2c hair, we’ve got you! While this type of curly hair is not as tightly wound as Type 4, it still requires similar upkeep to prevent a frizzy mess. Try the D3 Denman brush to ensure that the smaller curls get some attention too! The D3 Denman brush comes with nine rows of pins that can be adjusted in spacing.
  3. For Type 2 Wavy Hair: Wavy hair can easily be confused for an unruly bad hair day if you use the wrong product or have a ‘brush with humidity’. Instead, pamper your hair with a tool meant to address finer texture by using the D3 Classic Denman brush for wavy hair and loose curls(1). 
Types Of Denman Hair Brushes

What makes these brushes so special is that they manage to beat the ultimate nemesis of our beautiful locks- static. The high-quality nylon bristles are great to use with or without heat, while the cushioned bed of the brush easily cuts static. You can also take away a few rows to adjust the spacing between bristles. The end result? A traffic-stopping hairdo that will make you feel like a million bucks! 

Preparing Your Hair For Using A Denman Brush

Let me tell you why I stopped using my Denman brush at first. The first time I tried it, I didn’t get the results that millions of customers were boasting about. I almost wrote the product off as a con- until I watched their styling tutorial. As it turns out, I had skipped the most basic aspects of the process, which is why I never saw results. To make the job easier for you, here’s how I did it. 

To start with, you do not want to work with dry and tangled curls. Hop into the shower or saturate your hair with water-based products to dampen the locks. Having detangled hair will make all the difference in the world since it won’t attract frizz and static. 

You want to start with wet hair with your favorite serum and conditioner and then detangle the curls with your D31 or D41 Denman detangling brush. If you’re short on time, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, but do not skip this step! Tangled curls will prevent you from creating flawless definition with any brush, let alone Denman brushes. Add some curling mousse and you’re ready for step two! 

If you have wavy and finer hair, skip the heavy conditioner and use a light mousse on damp hair. Now your hair is prepped, let’s get into the specifics of styling.

Using The Denman Brush On Curly Hair

To style your curls, turn your Denman brush with the pins facing upwards. Now, work in sections based on your hair type. Start from your roots by sliding the brush down the section while tucking it under as you reach the end. Give your hair a nice little scrunch, and then repeat this process with all the remaining sections. Once your hair is full of ringlets, you can use your fingers to break the ringlets into smaller sections. This applies especially if you’re wondering how to use a denman brush for short curly hair.

Don’t know how to use a Denman brush on wavy hair? the process is the same as for how to use the denman hair brush For Curly Hair?, save the products you use! 

Using The Denman Brush On Curly Hair

Once your hair shows the desired effect, use a hair dryer meant to diffuse curls without disturbing the ringlets for the final look.

Here are a few tips that I learned along the way:

  1. While smaller sections will add more definition to thicker hair textures, larger sections work wonders for thinner hair.
  2. Make sure the handle of the brush is tilted upwards while you’re twisting your curls in the brush for the best effect.
  3. Scrunching will create the required tension to keep your ringlets tight and in place all day.

Maintaining Your Denman Brush

One lesson I wish I learned earlier in my experience while using my Denman brush is how to keep it clean. While it is easy to forget this part, keeping a brush free of product and dust will ensure that your locks have a movie-like texture. Cleaning it regularly will get rid of any buildup, oils, and flakes that could ruin the health of your hair in the long run.

Maintaining Your Denman Brush

Cleaning Denman brushes is easy as the four steps mentioned below:

  1. Remove any loose hairs stuck to the bristles with a long and pointed tool. You can use the back of a dye brush too.
  2. Next, use mild detergent and water to clean the brush well. 
  3. Remove any debris and rinse with plain water.
  4. Once clean, dry the brush with a clean piece of fabric.

Remember to be gentle or else you could damage the cushioned bed of the paddle. Now you’re all set to use your brush and maintain it well so that it lasts you for years to come!(2)


How do you use a Denman brush to style curly hair?

If you have been searching for articles on how to use denman brush on black hair, For tight coils, choose the D31 Denman brush is the ideal choice! 

Are Denman brushes good for curly hair?

Denman brushes may have been used to style short bobs and hair straightening brushes in the past. However, they’re originally meant for curly hair and come in varieties of D3, D4, D31, and D41.

Do you add any product before or after using the Denman brush?

Denman brushes can give you lasting results when your hair is prepped correctly. On damp hair, apply oil or water-based curling creams for the best look. 

How many rows should I remove from my Denman brush?

If you have a Denman brush with closely arranged bristles, you can adjust the gap by removing a few rows. This depends on the density of your hair, your hair type, and the kind of curls you want. Several tutorials online will show you how.

Do I use gel before the Denman brush?

Many users are confused if they should use their Denman brush before or after gels. The answer will always be after styling gels as this can give you the right curl texture and volume.


Have you seen curls so immaculate that the spirals reminded you of a Rennasaince piece of art? So, it would seem that women with curly hair possess the ultimate pretty privilege, no? With a little skill and a Denman brush, you can sport flawless hair every day. No matter what hair type you are, there’s a Denman brush for everyone. With over 8 decades of continuous improvement, the company has mastered the art of hair styling, which is why I wholeheartedly support the hype it is receiving after all these years. 

Knowing that Denman brushes are the best match for curly hair, you may wonder how to use a Denman brush on straight hair! The answer is simple; when in doubt, the classic D3 works on every hair type.

Now getting the curls of your fantasies can become reality. all you need is the right brush. Denman brushes have a spotless record and routine for you to enjoy a good hair day all year- Even Oprah says so! Give it a try to see for yourself!

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