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Permanent Eyelash Extensions: Everything About the Transformation Of Your Lashes 

Explore the eyelash landscape with us! From first glance to full flutter, discover how permanent eyelash extensions can truly transform your look.

Written by Priya Sreekumar

On Oct 3, 2023 – 6 minutes read

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever looked at someone’s long and lush lashes and wondered if those were real? Well, then you should understand the world of permanent eyelash extensions! You should get to know the magic behind these beauties and explore every aspect you have been eager to know. Just like how we explore everything else that adds to our looks, let us set off on another exciting journey to learn more about permanent eyelashes.

What Are Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Permanent eyelash extensions have reshaped beauty routines as they offer us a more lasting solution than temporary stick-on lashes. They are different from traditional falsies that require daily application and removal. These eyelashes are intricately bonded with your natural lashes, and they come with a seamless finish that only the best of eyelash extension brands will achieve for you. This will make you want to avoid the daily ritual of lash glue and embrace the convenience of ready-to-go, captivating eyes.

What Are Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Don’t worry too much about whether you want a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation- permanent extensions cater to every aesthetic. They will ensure you step out with confidence and that enviable lash flutter. 

Permanent Eyelash Or Eyelash Implant Procedure

Getting into the world of permanent eyelashes is like unlocking a new level in your beauty journey. Permanent eyelash extension surgery can be similar to hair transplant surgery and it involves implanting individual lashes into your eyelid at the hair follicle level. Each lash is placed carefully by skilled professionals to ensure optimal spacing and alignment.

Permanent Eyelash Or Eyelash Implant Procedure

Doing this enhances the volume and length of your lashes. It will also make sure they look naturally full by allowing your eyes to stand out and capture attention effortlessly. These permanent eyelash extensions promise low maintenance and consistent appeal if you take care of them properly.

Recovery Duration Of Eyelash Implant

Every beauty enhancement comes with its unique post-care routine, and eyelash implants are no different. It is not natural to notice some swelling or redness after permanent eyelash extension surgery as it is similar to other minor cosmetic treatments. However, these symptoms generally diminish within a few days.

Recovery Duration Of Eyelash Implant

You can expect a duration of up to two weeks for the full recovery and settling of your lashes. We won’t forget to tell you- it is important to be gentle with the lashes. You should also refrain from using mascara or other eye products that could irritate the area. Also, be careful when you shower or wash your face to prevent any undue stress on your fresh lashes.

Side Effects And Risks Of Permanent Eyelash Implant

Taking the time to research and understand the potential outcomes of permanent eyelash extensions is invaluable. It is not just about looking great, it is also about ensuring the health and safety of your eyes are prioritized. Let us break down some potential side effects of permanent eyelash extensions

  • Infection at the Implant Site: There is a risk of infection when you get new eyelash extensions just like any procedure that involves penetration of the skin. You can reduce this by ensuring the permanent eyelash extension surgery is done in a sterile environment. You should also follow the aftercare instructions diligently.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people might be allergic to the materials used in the extensions. It is a good idea to discuss potential allergens with your practitioner during the consultation. (2)
  • Premature Shedding of Natural Lashes: The added weight or stress from the extensions can sometimes cause your natural lashes to shed prematurely. Check in regularly with your lash specialist to monitor this.
  • Changes to Natural Lash Line: This is less common, but it can happen if the procedure is not done correctly. This tells you the importance of choosing a seasoned professional.
  • Dryness or Itchiness: Some individuals might experience a sensation of dryness or itchiness in their eyes after the procedure. This is due to sensitivity and is not very common.

What Can You Expect From Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Once your lashes have settled in, they eliminate the daily reliance on mascara or adhesive lash strips. Permanent eyelash extensions will then leave you with increased volume and added length. We are so happy to tell you this- they are a time-saver that simplifies your morning routine.

What Can You Expect From Permanent Eyelash Extensions

How Long Do Permanent Eyelash Extensions Last?

Let us begin by telling you that the term ‘permanent’ can be a bit misleading. Sure, they outlive the short-lived tenure of stick-on lashes and semi-permanent eyelashes, but permanent extensions aren’t for life. They can typically grace your lids beautifully for up to two years. Factors such as your natural lash growth cycle and how you maintain them play a great role in their longevity. Regular touch-ups every few months and adhering to aftercare instructions can help your permanent eyelash extensions last longer.

Which Is Better: Eyelash Perm Or Extensions?

A lash perm works wonders by lifting and curling your own lashes. It offers a more natural and enhanced look without added length. On the other hand, extensions provide that instant glam by adding both length and volume. You can think about your daily routine too before going for one of these- a perm might require less upkeep whereas extensions will demand more diligent care.

Consider what suits your lifestyle, your aesthetic goals, and how much time you are willing to invest in aftercare before making the leap. After all, it is all about personal preferences and priorities, right? 

Ways To Make Your Permanent Lash Extensions Last Longer And Safe

Always take care of your permanent eyelash extensions for them to stay with you for longer. Here are some golden tips from us.

Ways To Make Your Permanent Lash Extensions Last Longer And Safe
  • Maintain with Caution: Treating your new permanent lash extensions gently is crucial. Excessive or vigorous rubbing will irritate the eyes and might cause the lashes to fall out earlier. (1)
  • Steer Clear of Heat: Direct heat from hair dryers or oven bursts can compromise the shape and bond of your extensions.
  • Stay Away from Oil-based Products: These can interfere with the adhesive used for the permanent lash extensions and cause them to weaken.
  • Practice Gentle Cleansing: Use a soft brush and a specially formulated lash cleanser to clean your permanent eyelashes. It will help you remove the debris without harming your extensions.

Let’s Conclude

Permanent eyelash extensions can be the fairy godmother touch to your beauty regime. It can eliminate the need for daily mascara or stick-on lashes. But, just like how it is with all beauty procedures, it is about making informed choices. You should know the pros and cons and adjust them to fit your unique style and needs. Remember, your eyes are the windows to your soul, so why not frame them with the best? 


Are permanent eyelashes worth it?

Absolutely! They save daily application time and give a natural and fuller look.

Do permanent eyelash extensions hurt?

The procedure might be a bit uncomfortable, but it is not usually painful.

Can I put mascara on permanent lash extensions? 

Ideally, no. The extensions already give a voluminous look and mascara might damage them.

Can I curl my permanent eyelashes? 

It is best to avoid it as they are already designed to have a natural curl.

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