Reba McEntire Warns Fans About Scam; Denies Leaving ‘The Voice’

Reba McEntire responds to false rumors about her leaving the show “The Voice,” saying “This is not true.”

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 27, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Reba McEntire denies leaving 'The Voice'

Anyone can count on Reba McEntire to keep things real. She recently cleared the rumor by warning her fans about the potential scam using her name. The 68-year-old country music icon shut the talks that claimed Reba was leaving her position on the popular singing competition show.

Reba McEntire Deals With The Rumor Like She Dealt With Graboids In The Past

Reba McEntire addresses 'The Voice' rumors

The post in question asserts ‘Reba McEntire confirms she is leaving after the accidental live confession.’ To put her point, Reba took the same article on her feed on Sunday, just a day before the premiere of the 25th season, and posted it with a bold red mark that read ‘FALSE.” 

In the caption, she explained the reality which was the opposite of what was written in the article. “Please do not click or believe any articles that claim am leaving The Voice. This is not true.” she wrote in the caption, adding these are fake websites that operate to intimidate people with clickbait where they will eventually claim I own a company that sells weight loss gummies.” The actress further requested her fans to report any such page on Instagram and Facebook if they come across any. 

Under the post, her fans came in her support saying she did not have to request them to report the page, but they have already done that on her behalf. “You tell em Reba, don’t let them get you, mama,” a fan wrote while another chimed in, “I thought you were leaving the show. I am watching it for you Reba. Please do not break my heart with such news ever.” 

The Charlotte’s Web alum is only one of the celebrities who were linked to fake weight loss gummy scams. Like Reba, other superstars including Lialey Wilson, Dolly Patron, Ben Napier, and Trisha Yearwood have all warned their fans of similar scams. 

Reba joined The Voice in 2023, for the previous season, as a coach replacing departing Blake Shelton. Before joining the team as a coach, Reba previously served in the show as both a Mega Mentor and a Battle Advisor. After the season, several rumors from unnamed sources surfaced on the internet claiming Reba was unsatisfied with the show. During an October 2023 public appearance, she addressed the rumor saying she would not be leaving the show any sooner. 

She further added that she was developing a kind of friendship with Gwen Stefani, her fellow judge. “At first, I was so intimidated by her. I was wondering why she was being mean to me until one day she said that all she wanted was for me to like her. And I said, that’s all you had to say.” That day, she also praised the contestants, the show, and the entire crew. However, the vague in her replies might have fueled the fire for some. 

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All these rumors aside, The Voice returned for the 25th season on Feb 26, Monday, and to the surprise of many, Reba joined the judging panel as a music coach. She was accompanied by John Legend, and Chance the Rapper, plus new editions Shay + Dan.  The singing reality competition television series premiered on NBC on April 25, 2011. The show is based on the original The Voice of Holland and has already aired 24 seasons so far. 

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