Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever


One of the best relations is when the couple is completely at ease with one another. When we are dating someone,  we do our best to look our best but once things settle in, how you look isn’t going to matter so much. Such relationships are going to last a long time because it’s not just about the perfections but also the imperfections. Simply put, your partner would find you hot even if you wear your old sweats.

Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever

If you are newly married or moved in with your boyfriend, things can be awkward in the beginning, especially during what we call the honeymoon phase. During this phase, things are so romantic, we hide everything gross and go the extra mile to make everything look perfect. But life gets interesting later, the illusion of perfect dies, the relation opens then for the better or the worse. All that matters is love. Here are some of the gross things all couples do when they’ve been together forever.

  • Going Naive

going naive

In the beginning, it’s all smooth waxed legs or a clean shaven chest, but as time passes by body hair doesn’t exist and couples learn to outgrow them. A few outgrown on your body don’t both you anymore.

  • Sharing the Bathroom…. Together

sharing bathroom

Yewww. Sounds gross right? But that’s the most normal thing for a couple to do when they were together for long. You realize that when you can brush your teeth while your partner is peeing and you don’t care and you are just doing each other’s business, you know you are in love past the honeymoon phase.

  • Sniffing each Other

couple sniffs together

This one is very common you don’t have to worry about embarrassing themselves in public because they have each other to check. Even if that means smelling for body orders, this can be as gross AF especially if you have to check for bad breadth but couples love it.

  • Louder Burps and farts

Louder Burps and farts

Farting and burping are all a natural bodily process that people generally tend to be ashamed of especially doing it in public. Usually, when we just start dating we either wait for the other to get on a call or excuse oneself to use the washroom just to let out, but as you get comfortable with one another it becomes a healthy competition between you and your partner. So it goes from pretending as you have never farted in your life as you are beautiful and not capable of such things to you can’t really help it because the Chinese noodles gave you trouble. This is gross and weird but true.

  • Hair- Hair everywhere!

Hair everywhere

Loss fall is embarrassing to some but when you guys settle in few stands on the pillow, kitchen sink, bathroom floor stuck on our t-shirt, etc doesn’t bother you much. Well when you learn to co-exist comfortable, hair doesn’t become an issue.

  • Underwear is cool

Underwear is cool

Touching another person underwear could be the most disgusting thing now but for couples that perfectly normal. Not the brand new ones, but the used ones – picked from the floor washed them and line then to dry.

  • Love Each Other’s Smell

Love Each Other’s Smell

Though body odor is a problem, when you live under the same roof and share the same bed you kinds start getting used to it. In fact, the smell becomes pleasant and gives us comfort, if you are married and your husband is away, smelling his shirt kind of give you comfort, doesn’t it?

  • Sharing…

couple sharing

When couples are together for long, sharing is not limited to just swapping tees and jeans. It’s a little bit more than that like toothbrushes for an instance or maybe boxer shorts. Couples who are comfortable and in love can share almost everything.

  • Sickness  Cuddles

cuddles sickness

Kissing and cuddling when the other is sick are perfectly normal with couples, cleaning up your partners puke, would be as gross as you think then. You will be more worried about the partners health rather than thinking about how gross it is.

If this article, “Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever”, cracking you up at some point then am sure you could relate some were. If you have anything full or gross that you do with your partner which seems perfectly normal one do share them in the comments section below.


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