Ariana Grande Accused Of “Accidently Ruining” Justin-Hailey Relationship

Ariana Grande has made headlines accused for involving in Justin and Hailey’s rumored split.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 12, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Ariana Grande accused of ‘accidentally ruining’ Hailey Bieber’s relationship with Justin as fans spot ‘hint’ in album

Recently, online investigators released “proof” that Ariana was connected to Justin and Hailey’s supposedly failing marriage. The allegations began when she dropped her most recent album, “Eternal Sunshine.”

The Cause For The Allegations

Ariana Grande accused of ‘accidentally ruining’ Hailey Bieber’s relationship with Justin as fans spot ‘hint’ in album

Ariana, 30, made hints in her new song, Eternal Sunshine, that their marriage failed because Dalton, 28, had an extramarital affair. Many fans had previously assumed that Ariana’s alleged adultery with her 31-year-old Wicked co-star Ethan Slater was the reason behind their breakup. Five months after Ariana and Dalton divorced, Ariana and the rumors regarding her are swirling up.  Fans linked the singer’s love triangle with the supposed split between the A-list couple Justin and Hailey.

Some people commented in a well-known internet thread that Ariana’s presumed admission that Dalton cheated, which was hinted at by several blind items, might be a sign that other blind items, like Hailey and Justin’s breakup, are accurate.
The original poster was captioned that Ariana was accidentally ruining relationships. A comment said that Hailey said blind items are 100% fake. But the blind items on Dalton using and cheating on Ariana were later confirmed by Ariana through her latest album. The comment also added, “Talk about inconvenient timing huh Hailey?”. Another comment said, “It also doesn’t make sense how every single blind item can be fake”.  One person responded, “Exactly don’t blindly believe either, but I know who I don’t believe and that’s Hailey”.

Hailey’s Response To The Blind Items

Hailey Bieber has recently come up with her response to the Blind items that went viral on the internet. In her brief statement, she stated that the stories and constant blind items seen on TikToks are 100% false. She said it was made out of thin air. She also addressed it as the things that came from the land of delusions. Hailey said that she knew feeding on such stories would be fun but rejected it. She also added, “Sorry to spoil it”. The statement was made through her Instagram story with a black background.

Although Hailey didn’t say exactly what she was talking about, this post was made amid the public outcry over her father, Stephen Baldwin, asking for prayers for Justin and her.

The Blind Items On Justin And Hailey

Blind items popped up on Justin and Hailey recently. One of them suggested that Hailey was ending an illegitimate relationship with a billionaire. The blind ite was captioned,  “The married A-list celebrity offspring used the tabloids to subtly let the world know that she is back on fully committed to her husband and the billionaire is out of her life.” This comes after months of blind reports that she had been unfaithful to Justin by associating with millionaire David Rotchschild went viral.

Another rumor was based on Ariana and the A-list couple and also regarding Hailey’s father’s recent Instagram post. Based on these incidents rumors spread that the star couple was on the verge of splitting, which Hailey rejected. Fans observed Hailey and Justin seemed to be moving away from one other, subsequently for months there was speculation that they were no longer together. When Hailey Baldwin’s father urged followers to pray for his daughter and son-in-law without giving any further information about the situation, it additionally caused concern. Hailey was spotted by herself at the star-studded Saint Laurent’s Pre-Oscars Party over the weekend once more which was also a reason for the rumors. 

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Sources have revealed that Justin and Hailey are doing good. They confirmed that the couple feels comfortable with each other and has been there for each other.  Also, Hailey has made it clear that things are going well between them through Justin’s birthday post on her Instagram page. She wished her partner’s 3oth birthday by posting some memorable images and a lovely caption.

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