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15 Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color

Restoring your hair’s natural hue: The top clarifying shampoos to remove color build-up

Written by Anshita Singh

On Apr 7, 2023 – 16 minutes read

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Okay, so you tried coloring your hair and it turned out to be a disaster. Bad News! Well, the good news is, you can still gain your normal hair back, and that too, without spending those big bucks at the Salon. The process is simple — Shampooing! there are lots of best clarifying shampoos to remove color in the market.

Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color

What Is Clarifying Shampoos? A clarifying shampoo is your answer to fading that unflattering hue of your hair. Clarifying shampoos gently exfoliate your hair and remove excess oil, and build-up from the scalp. These shampoos possess stronger cleansing properties than regular shampoos, thus, they’re also recommended for removing hair color. Although, some cleansing shampoos are specifically made for removing hair color.

So, whatever kind of cleansing shampoo you’re looking for, this article got you covered with the best 15 clarifying shampoos to remove that you can buy online. From their prices to their differentiating factors, this article is your one-stop destination for choosing the right hair cleanser for you. 

What Is Clarifying Shampoos?

Now we know 15 cleansing shampoos are a lot of cleansing shampoos to filter from. So, first, get through the factors that you need to be well-versed in before picking a cleansing shampoo. So, let’s dive straight in:

Before you settle down with your best match for a cleansing shampoo, you should know exactly what all results you are trying to get from your shampoo. 

Your choice of shampoo will also depend on the type of your hair. For example, you should not choose a shampoo that might make your already-dry hair drier. 

Top Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color

Besides, the intensity of your hair color disaster calls for different kinds of shampoos. For example, If your hair dye turns out to be a little darker than you expected, then you should not go for a stronger cleanser because that might strip off the hair color completely. 

Similarly, If you’re unsatisfied with the hair color results and want to get rid of the hair color, you should go for a stronger hair cleanser. 

Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color: Factors To Be Considered.

  1. Sulfates and Sodium Chloride: These are the two primary magic ingredients you’ll need to remove hair dye color. These ingredients remove the build-up from your scalp. Albeit, sulfate is harsh on your skin as it depletes the natural oil of your scalp. However, If it is for one-time use for removing the hair color, then you can consider cleansing shampoos with sulfates and sodium chloride ingredients in them. 
  2. High-pH Formula: The alkaline or high-ph elements are also known for removing the build-up from your scalp and residues stuck to your cuticle areas. As a strong solvent, it helps remove hair dye. But again, High Ph is not very good for your scalp. 
  3. Anti-residue element: The cleanser with anti-residue formula cleanses your scalp thoroughly. And as the name suggests, they are made to get rid of residues and build up from your scalp. So, when it comes to the color-removing aspects, an anti-residue cleanser does its job well.
  4. Nourishment: Color-removing technique calls for some harsh ingredients on your scalp. Nevertheless, go for products that are safer for your scalp and do not rip them off from their natural oils and nutrients. 
  5. Anti-dandruff shampoo: The active ingredients like selenium sulfides and zinc pyrithione in an anti-dandruff shampoo are bad for hair color. But that’s what we want, right? Thus, you can also go for any anti-dandruff shampoo to fade your unwanted hair color. For the stated purpose, the best anti-dandruff shampoo to fade hair dye is Head and Shoulders. 

Now we know what we are looking for, so let’s discover the best clarifying shampoos to remove color:

15 Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color 

From an ocean of color-removing shampoos claiming to do the best job, which are the best clarifying shampoos to remove color? Let’s see. 

Clarifying shampoos contain a chemical formula that will slowly lift and fade hair dye from your hair without causing lasting damage. Some of the best clarifying shampoos to remove hair color are listed here.

Below we have curated 15 best clarifying shampoos to remove hair color:

1. Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

With so many great reviews, Kenra tops the chart among the best clarifying shampoos to remove color. Kenra is a hair-friendly, paraben-free salon-professional product used for priming hair before keratin and hair coloring. It contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

 Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color: Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

Price: $17.99 at Ulta Beauty 

Pro Points:

  • Deeply cleanses
  • Does not dry hair 

It deeply cleanses your hair, removing residual hair color, build-up, and other pollutants. Though Kenra is considered color-safe, after a few washes you’ll start to see the color fading from your hair. 

2. OUAI Detox Shampoo

The best bet for scalp detox, OUAI cleansing features apple cider vinegar and chelating agents to uproot the scalp-build pollutants, and also get rid of color pigments. 

This shampoo purifies the pores on the scalp and the best part is, you don’t need to worry about dryness, because OUAI Detox shampoos balance the moisture of your hair. No wonder this one comes second in the list of best clarifying shampoos to remove color.

OUAI Detox Shampoo

Price: $31 at Amazon

Pro Points:

  • Gently exfoliates your scalp
  • Sulfate-free and Paraben-free

With conditioning and nourishing properties, OUAI Detox shampoo strengthens your hair and gives them a keratin-treatment finish. 

3. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two  

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two is a prime clarifying shampoo that deeply nourishes your scalp and removes toxins, and impurities. Panthenol and a combination of chamomile, henna, and rosemary extracts in the shampoo calm the scalp and add shine. This deep-cleansing formula is enriched with conditioners derived from wheat to help protect and strengthen the hair, rightly placing it in the top best clarifying shampoos to remove color.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two  

The cleansing agents in Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two fade hair color after a few washes.  This paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free shampoo removes pigment from your hair safely. With regular use, hair looks and feels healthy, clean, and full of body.

Price: $13 at Amazon

Pro points:

  • Deep cleansing and clarifying
  • Helps revive the hair

4. Manic Panic Clarifying Shampoo

The organic, cruelty-free, and vegan Manic Panic Clarifying Shampoo recipe removes product buildup, sebum, hard water residues, and hair color efficiently. 

Manic Panic Clarifying Shampoo

This shampoo is filled with active substances that support the maintenance of a smooth, healthy scalp and leave your hair smelling clean and fresh which helps in removing the bad color from hair. If you are looking for the best clarifying shampoos to remove color, you might want to try out this one.

For people who prefer to choose vegan shampoos and eco-friendly hair care products, this organic and cruelty-free manic panic prepared to dye clarifying shampoo to remove color is your best bet.

Price: $14.99 at Ulta Beauty

Pro points:

  • Removes build-up
  • Helps in fading hair color

5. Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color: Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser

The Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser is a shampoo that thickens hair and is also an effective scalp cleanser. Salicylic acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, and sodium lauryl sulfate are among the powerful ingredients in this product’s special formula that, when used repeatedly over a short period, efficiently remove hair dyes and color-depositing conditioners. Since it has different powerful ingredients, it stands as one of the best clarifying shampoos to remove color from your scalp, also giving you a clean scalp.

Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser

For people who want to swiftly eliminate color buildup and start over, this clarifying shampoo is ideal. The Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser also helps to improve scalp health by removing excess sebum, dirt, and product residue, leaving your hair looking and feeling revitalized and voluminous.

Pro points:

  • Deep cleanses
  • Boost hair volume

6. Keracolor Fade Effect Color Fading Shampoo

With the use of Keracolor Fade Effect Color Fading Shampoo, color can be lifted from hair without drying it out. Coconut oil, which hydrates hair and shields it from damage, and vitamin C, which naturally lightens hair color without the use of harsh chemicals, are included in the formula. For dry hair damaged by coloring this is the best bet among the best clarifying shampoos to remove color.

Keracolor Fade Effect Color Fading Shampoo

Additionally, this shampoo contains hydrolyzed keratin and biotin to strengthen hair fibers against the stripping effects of color pigments. The outcome is a soft yet powerful color lift that gives hair a healthy, lustrous, and regenerated appearance and feels. 

For people who want to keep their hair healthy and vivid while gradually changing their hair color, this color-fading shampoo is ideal.

Price: $20 at Amazon 

Pro points:

  • Rebalances moisture after stripping color
  • Keeps the hair soft and smooth 

7. Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color: Head And Shoulders Moisture Care 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A strong clarifying shampoo made specifically to treat dandruff and flaky scalps, Head and Shoulders Moisture Care 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Pyrithione zinc(1), a potent component found in it, aids in dandruff removal while nourishing the scalp. 

Head and Shoulders Moisture Care 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Additional SLS surfactants in the shampoo help to clean the hair efficiently. Despite not being advertised as a product that fades colors, this shampoo’s clarifying qualities could eventually fade hair color. 

The Head and Shoulders shampoo may potentially remove hair color and direct dyes when used up to three to four times per week. This one is for those of us rummaging for an affordable option from among the best clarifying shampoos to remove color. The 2-in-1 range is particularly engineered to provide all the dandruff-fighting power you expect.

Price: $13.97 at Amazon

Pro points:

  • Rebalances scalp’s pH
  • Removes flakes from the scalp 

8. Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo

An inexpensive and efficient way to get rid of product buildup and extra oil from hair is Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo. The majority of drugstore shampoos at this price point typically contain sulfates and salts, which are scarce in this shampoo. This one is a good choice to make from the best clarifying shampoos to remove color, given that it also removes extra oil from the hair.

Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color: Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Although this shampoo isn’t advertised as a color-fading product, regular use can fade hair color due to its clearing abilities. This makes it a fantastic option for anyone who wants to get rid of extra buildup and keep their hair healthy on a budget. Most pharmacists and drugstores carry the Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo, making it a widely accessible option in list of the best clarifying shampoo to remove color for many customers.

Price: $1.94 at Walmart

Pro points:

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Excellent for greasy hair 

9. Nexxus Clean And Pure 

Anyone out to find the best clarifying shampoos to remove color will chance upon this one at some point. The premium sulfate-free clarifying shampoo Nexxus Clean and Pure is ideal for people who want to keep their hair healthy while removing excess buildup and impurities. A unique combination of ProteinFusion, elastin, and marine minerals is used in this shampoo to fortify and nourish hair from the inside out. 

Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color- Nexxus Clean and Pure 

Even though it doesn’t contain silicones, parabens, or other harsh chemicals typically present in conventional shampoos, it does contain marine exfoliating active ingredients that help remove hair color.

But because of its distinct characteristics, it also works wonders as a clarifying treatment to remove the color from hair without harming or drying out the hair.

Price: $15.99 at Amazon

Pro points: 

  • No silicone
  • Improves hair elasticity 

10. L’oreal Colorista Fader Shampoo

L’oreal Colorista Fader Shampoo is a special hair pigment cleanser created especially to assist in fading semi-permanent hair color. The unique mix of this shampoo helps to remove color pigments from hair while preserving its natural brightness and luster. This is one of the most recommended among the best clarifying shampoos to remove color.

Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color - L'oreal Colorista Fader Shampoo

It is also loaded with nutritious elements that assist to minimize dryness and damage caused by the color removal procedure. This shampoo is an excellent choice for those looking to transition to a new hair color or those who want to remove stubborn color buildup from their hair. 

With L’oreal Colorista Fader Shampoo, you may simply attain your preferred hair color without affecting the health of your hair.

Price: $21.48 at Amazon

Pro points:

  • Lightens semi-permanent hair color
  • Corrects over-toned hair 

11. Neutrogena The Anti-Residue Formula

It is a clarifying shampoo by Neutrogena called The Anti-Residue Formula that is made specifically to remove buildup and residue from hair including the hair colors. This shampoo has a distinctive recipe that removes excess oil, product buildup, and other impurities from hair effectively without robbing it of its natural moisture. Neutrogena has always been among the best clarifying shampoos to remove Color.

Neutrogena The Anti-Residue Formula

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula Shampoo may erase some hair color even if its main purpose is to eliminate buildup and residue from hair. This is so that the shampoo can thoroughly clean the hair, which sometimes includes removing some of the colors along with buildup and residue.

Price: $49.99 at Amazon

Pro points:

  • Removes products buildup 
  • Nourishes hair 

12. Matrix Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo

The Matrix Biolage Normalizing CleanReset Shampoo is a great option for people with oily hair in addition to its color-stripping qualities and the best clarifying shampoos to remove Color. The formula’s potent cleaning action removes buildup, excess oil from the scalp, and the hair color, leaving the hair feeling renewed and refreshed.

Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color - Matrix Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo

Along with promoting healthy hair growth, the sage and lemongrass extract(2) also helps to balance and calm the scalp. This shampoo is soft enough to be applied every day, making it a great option for people who want to keep their hair clean and healthy without robbing it of its natural moisture. 

Every time you wash your hair, you’ll see your hair color fading while the hair feels clean and fresh thanks to Matrix Biolage Normalizing CleanReset Shampoo.

Price: $32 at Walmart 

Pro points:

  • Antibacterial
  • Suitable for all hair type 

13. Aussie Destress Shampoo 

Aussie Destress Shampoo is a special blend that aids in calming and soothing the scalp while encouraging strong hair development. A blend of all-natural components, including peppermint oil and Australian eucalyptus extract, provides the scalp with a cooling and refreshing sensation which is best clarifying shampoos to remove Color.

Aussie Destress Shampoo 

Also, the mild cleansing ingredients in this shampoo thoroughly clean the hair and remove hair color without robbing it of its natural oils which will help in removing the color from the hair. 

Aussie Destress Shampoo can help to lessen scalp itchiness, enhance the texture of your hair, and leave your hair feeling clean and revitalized with regular usage. Massaging your scalp using this shampoo leaves your hair clean and fresh. Those with sensitive scalp trying to sort out the best clarifying shampoos to remove color will love it.

Price: $33.28 at Walmart

Pro points:

  • Makes hair feel light and airy
  • Hair color fades faster when used frequently 

14. Living Proof Clarifying Shampoo

This clarifying shampoo is a potent treatment that aids in clearing the hair of pollutants and product buildup along with the color. Activated charcoal and anionic polymers are combined in their special composition to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair, leaving them feeling renewed and invigorated. 

Living Proof Clarifying Shampoo

when the whole dirt is removed it keeps the natural color of the hair remaining and works as well as the other best clarifying shampoos to remove color.

For people who live in places with hard water, the Living Proof Triple Detox clarifying shampoo is fantastic since it removes minerals with a color that can make hair dry and brittle. This shampoo is a necessity for anyone looking for a deeply cleansing and revitalizing hair care experience because regular use can assist to restore hair’s natural luster and vitality. 

Price: $32 at Amazon

Pro points:

  • Good for hard water 
  • Best in use for dryness 

15. Prell Clarifying Shampoo

Last but not the least of the best clarifying shampoos to remove color Prell. Millions of consumers have relied on Prell Clarifying Shampoo for years as a reliable hair care product. It is a strong cleaning recipe that is made to get rid of buildup, grime, and oil from hair strands and the scalp, leaving hair feeling clean and fresh.

Prell Clarifying Shampoo

A special combination of components is used to create the shampoo, and they combine to clear hair without removing its natural oils. All hair types can use the gentle Prell Clarifying Shampoo daily. Hair feels smooth and manageable after complete cleaning without any damage and dryness, thanks to the product’s thick, creamy lather.

Price: $3.27 at Walmart

Pro points:

  • Hair smoothening 
  • Used for all hair types 

How To Use The Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color?

The process of using clarifying shampoo to get rid of hair color is as simple as using a regular shampoo. The only difference is you need to repeat the process until the color fades. And once it does, do not forget to do some moisturizing ritual to make up for all the hair’s natural oils loss. 

And oh, use warm water! Always use warm water to wash your hair, first to be generous with your hair, and second, to keep your hair cuticles open. 

Follow the following s step guide to washing your hair with clarifying shampoos to remove hair color:

  1. Dampen your hair and apply the shampoo: Start by wetting your hair with warm water. Now, take some shampoo in your palms and rub them until the shampoo leathers. Now, massage the shampoo thoroughly on each strand of your hair. Use the amount of shampoo as per the intensity of your hair color.  
  2. Take a break: After thoroughly massaging your hair with a cleansing shampoo, keep the shampoo on for 5–10 minutes. This will help take off the dye from your hair. 
  3. Rinse the shampoo: Rinse the shampoo thoroughly from your hair. You’ll notice that the color is coming off with the water, so keep rinsing until you see clear water running through your hair. 
  4. Moisturize: Cleansing shampoo will surely help you get rid of unwanted hair color, but it also tends to damage your hair. So, do the damage control immediately after cleansing your hair and prevent them from drying out. For that, use a rich and nourishing deep conditioner.
  5. Repeat: The hair color might not leave your hair in one wash. So repeat the above process a few times a week to gradually fade the whole hair dye away. 

FAQs For Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove Color

Will clarifying shampoo take the color out?

Yes. Clarifying shampoos ward off scalp build-up and fade semi-permanent hair color to bring back the original color of your hair.

How long to leave clarifying shampoo in to remove hair dye?

After massaging your hair with a cleansing shampoo, you can leave the shampoo in for 5–10 minutes depending on the intensity of your hair color. 

What comes after clarifying shampoo?

The ingredients in a clarifying shampoo remove the scalp build-up and excessive oil from your hair. Make sure you deep-condition your hair after shampooing to restore the moisture and nourishment in your hair. 

Can you damage your hair with clarifying shampoo?

Some clarifying shampoos contain harsh chemicals like sulfate and high pH-level that might damage your hair. 

Who should not use clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoos are beneficial for most people. However, individuals with dry, damaged, and sensitive scalps should avoid clarifying shampoos since they might contain harsh chemicals like sulfate and have a high pH-level. 

The Last Verdict

Clarifying shampoos is one of the most effective ways to remove hair color. But when there are so many options out there in the market, choosing the right one is a tough nut to crack. And who wants to take risks when it comes to your hair knowing hair is everything? Well, choosing the best hair cleanser is what this whole blog is about.

When picking a clarifying shampoo to remove hair color, you need to consider factors such as the type of your hair, the condition of your scalp, any specific needs of your hair, etc. While choosing the best cleansing shampoo according to your hair needs, you achieve your desired color-free hair without compromising the health of your hair.

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