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10 Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: Dry Or Frizzy, Thin Or Thick; We Got You Covered!

Elevate your hair care routine and embrace a flawless, polished style with these must-have shampoos for straightened hair.

Written by Anasooya Thorakkattu

On Jul 28, 2023 – 11 minutes read

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Is living the salon-styled straight hair dream stressing you out? Keratin or Argan, Tea Tree or Sulfate free, this is the complete guide for your straightened hair troubles. Moreover, these recommendations for the best shampoos for straightened hair are going to set your haircare record straight!

Hair straightening can be a finicky task when you do not know what you’re dealing with. While Keratin treatments, smoothening, hair rebounding, and thermal reconditioning are some of the permanent ways to straighten your hair, a hot iron straightening is one of the go-to favorites for instantly getting your hair to suit up for any occasion.

10 Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: Understanding Straightened Hair!

All the permanent hair straightening methods typically follow a similar pattern.

  • A chemical is applied to your hair that changes your hair structure.
  • A strong neutralizer of a particular type is applied to your hair to lock it into the new shape.
  • The chemical solution is given time to get absorbed into the hair follicle and finally, the hair is set.
Understanding Straightened Hair

But oftentimes we see a lot of sad faces due to the permanent damage caused to your hair by these treatments due to lack of proper maintenance. Also by relaxing your hair structure by using products that are strong chemicals can easily damage your hair follicles(1)

However, this damage can only be minimized with the help of proper nourishment and strengthening of your hair. Here is where we are going to see what the best shampoo for straightened hair can do for you. 

In addition, we find thinning of hair, frizziness, hair loss and even graying of hair as side effects of these chemical treatments. On the other hand, the haircare market in India has some of the best shampoos for straightened hair to lower this impact for you.

What are the major side effects caused by permanent straightening?

  • Hair Fall
  • Dry Hair
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Loss of Original Texture
  • Split Ends
  • Frizziness
  • Graying of Hair

It might be a puzzling task to find the best shampoo for straightened hair that is right for you because of the multitude and variety of products out there. So, let us narrow down to the top ten best shampoos for straightened hair in India.

Before that, let me ask another question,

What key ingredients do you need to look for in your shampoo?

Tricky right? Some of you might be looking for the best shampoos for maintaining your straightened hair, while some of you are in search of the best shampoo to make your hair straight and silky.

Whichever the case, the key ingredients that you may want to look for in any shampoos for your straightened hair are:

  1. Argan Oil: It is a natural conditioner that keeps your hair from dry spells and smoothens your hair while reducing split ends.
  2. Keratin Protein: It helps you to avoid severe hair damage and also frizziness by adding a protective layer on top and strengthening your hair strands.
  3. Sulfate-Free Formula: This keeps your fragile straight hair from losing its natural oils and avoids additional dryness while also preventing a dry scalp. Sulfates are normally used in shampoos such as cleansing agents, which are not necessarily the best to administer in your straightened hair as these chemicals are considerably strong.
  4. Tea-Tree Oil: This prevents hair loss, dandruff and prevents split ends. It helps in maintaining overall nourishment for your hair.
  5. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: It helps you in maintaining the hair’s moisture-binding property and keeps your hair well nourished. 
  6. Coconut Oil: This allows your hair to be well hydrated and shiny while preventing protein loss(2) from your chemically treated hair.

Now, once you step out of the salon after your treatment and hair setting, you may feel like a star. But how do you keep up this stardom without frizz and loss of shine? 

Top 10 Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair

#1. L’oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo

L’oreal Paris is one of the top-tier cosmetic brands that carefully specializes in a wide range of hair care products. The L’oreal Mythic shampoo is the best shampoo to make your hair straight and also silky with Argan Oil. 

L’oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo

Price: INR 1,040 for 250ml

Infused with fairly traded argan oil and myrrh extract, its generous foam gently cleanses and tames unruly and thick hair. It also provides nourishment and shine leaving hair with a soft touch.


  • Argan Oil
  • Myrrh Extract


  • Prevents dryness of hair
  • Nourishes with natural oils
  • Gives smoothness and shine


  • Not Sulfate Free Formula

#2. Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: OGX Ever Straight Shampoo Brazilian Keratin Therapy

A complete haircare brand, OGX is a committed and also responsible brand that takes hair nourishment to the next level. While the OGX Ever Straight Shampoo is one of the best keratin shampoos for straightened hair in the market.

OGX Ever Straight Shampoo Brazilian Keratin Therapy

Price: INR 3,140 for 385ml

The straightening formula is great for maintaining a luxurious glow and also a luminescent shine for your hair. Additionally, It allows it to have a smooth and wavy texture.


  • With Keratin Protein
  • With Coconut Oil
  • Sulfate Free Formula


  • Reduces Dandruff
  • Fight against Hairfall
  • Strengthen and Soften Hair


  • Expensive 

#3. Salerm Straightening Shampoo 

Salerm is a brand that specializes in hair color and care products. The Salerm Straightening Shampoo is an all-around straightening shampoo that protects and also prepares the hair for heat styling.

Salerm Straightening Shampoo

Price: INR 3,664 for 250ml

It also has moisture-repelling properties that make hair straighten fast and eliminate frizz.


  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Sulfate Free Formula


  • Ultra Fast Drying
  • Glossy Finish
  • Humidity Resistant


  • Expensive

#4. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

TESemme has always been a number one salon-recommended brand and is used by professionals. This shampoo gives almost 72 hours of protection to frizzy hair and also prevents split ends. 

 TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Price: INR 620 for 580ml 

This one among the best shampoos for straightened hair also allows you to have complete all-round hair protection 


  • Enriched with Keratin Oil
  • Argan Oil


  • Prevents Hair Damage
  • Avoid Friziness
  • Lower Sulfate Formula


  • No Natural Oils

#5. L’Oreal Paris Ever Sleek Keratin Caring Shampoo for Straightened Hair

Once again in our list of best shampoos for straightened hair, we have a L’oreal Paris product with Sunflower oil and sulfate-free formula. This could arguably be the best sulfate-free shampoo that is in the market currently.

Price: INR 3,798 for 250ml

The best buy would be to purchase the shampoo paired with L’oreal Paris Sleek Keratin Care conditioner which also comes in a much profitable package of INR 4,835.


  • Sulfate Free
  • With Sunflower Oil
  • No harsh salts


  • Especially for chemically straightened hair
  • Smoothening effect of Keratin


  • Expensive
  • To be bought with conditioner

#6. Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Shampoo

Schwarzkopf is a well-established brand with almost 120 years of experience in the beauty industry. The Rescue Repair shampoo also has a revitalizing effect on your scalp and hair. It is arguably the best shampoo for chemically straightened hair in India as it prevents all kinds of hair damage and especially it provides moisture and softness to the hair.

Schwarzkopf BC bonacure shampoo for straightened hair

Price: INR 4,549 for  240ml

The shampoo provides the hair with a youthful look and it also helps to strengthen and soften hair. Even if it is a costly option, the shampoo is well-reviewed by customers.


  • With active peptides
  • Hair Repair proteins


  • Moisturized hair
  • Healthy looking shine
  • Improved elasticity


  • Expensive

#7. Garnier Fructis Hydraliso Hair Straightening Shampoo

This powerful shampoo is specifically formulated to straighten even the most frizzy and difficult hair. Especially, Its formula perfectly combines the active ingredients of phyto-keratin and argan oil to provide all the nutrition and strength to your hair fiber. This will favor a straightening so efficiently that you can enjoy it for up to 72 hours. 

 Garnier Fructis Hydraliso Hair Straightening Shampoo

Price: INR 3,833 for 360ml

Fructis combines its formulas with the concentrate of fruit-fortifying active ingredients, natural argon oil, and phyto-keratin, ingredients with restorative properties to protect the fiber from frizz and also to keep you smooth. Also, this is one of the best shampoo for straight hair to make hair silky and straight.


  • Argan Oil
  • Phyto-keratin


  • Prevents Frizz
  • Retains moisture
  • Protect hair fiber


  • Expensive

#8. John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo

Flawlessly Straight Shampoo is formulated to help smooth, and soften, and it also fights against frizzy fibers to make straightening and styling easier. Even though it contains sulfate salts as a cleansing agent, this shampoo is one of the best shampoos for straightened hair.

Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo

Price: INR 3,373 for shampoo and conditioner of 250ml 

It enhances the shine of the hair as well as works best for all types of hair. The unique selling point of this shampoo is that it is paired with the conditioner while purchasing from India.


  • Contains Jojoba Oil
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein
  • Coconut oil extracts


  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Cleanses difficult to straighten hair
  • Remove unruly textures


  • Expensive

#9. L’oreal Professional Extenso Care Pro-keratin+Incell Hair Straightening Shampoo

The XTenso shampoo is made with a pro-keratin formula and plant extracts to give you salon-style straight, natural, and smooth hair. 

Best Shampoo For Straightened Hair: L’oreal Professional Extenso Care Pro-keratin+Incell Hair Straightening Shampoo

Price: INR 1,189 for 250ml

The mild shampoo can gently cleanse and straighten your hair without damaging them. It also retains the oil and moisture in your chemically treated hair to tame frizz and repair damage.


  • With Pro-keratin


  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Retains moisture
  • Repair Split Ends
  • Specific for chemically treated hair


  • Runny consistency

#10.Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: Matrix Opticare Professional Shampoo

The Matrix Opticare Professional Shampoo is a budget-friendly hair care shampoo that gives you silky and dandruff-free hair. Also, the presence of shea butter makes it best for providing moisturized and nourished hair.

Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair: Matrix Opticare Professional Shampoo

Price: INR 360 for 200ml

Shea butter enriched Matrix Opti Care Professional Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp, moisturizes hair, and also protects from humidity. Additionally, this shampoo for straightened hair can give straight hair up to 72 washes.


  • With Silk Amino Acids
  • Shea Butter
  • No added parabens


  • Silky smooth texture
  • Low cost
  • Scalp Cleansing


  • With sulfate cleansers.

Hair Straightening Aftercare

Maintaining chemically straightened hair involves using the right products and following the right aftercare regimen. Here is what you should know.

The First Wash

The first hair wash after your hair smoothening or straightening should typically only be after three days. Also, make sure to not tie your hair or use clips to hold your hair during these initial three days as it would create permanent curves in your straight hair.

During the first hair wash, it would be preferable to use the same hair products that were used in the salon during your treatment, to ensure maximum durability to your straightened hair.

Smart tip: Always apply the shampoo on the scalp while the conditioner is on the hair.  

Haircare And Combing

Make sure not to wash your hair in hot water and chlorinated water. Further, use a good hair serum to nourish your hair and retain moisture after every wash. Similarly, use a wide-tooth comb to clear away tangles and knots. Also, make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo for your chemically straightened hair.

Hair Mask And Hair Spa

Always try to have a hair spa or use a hair mask once a week or for two weeks. While it would improve the life of the straightened hair and allow you to maintain the same strength for a long time. 

Avoid Additional Treatments

It is highly advisable to avoid any other form of chemical treatment like coloring or bleaching on your hair soon after straightening as this would create more chemical damage to your hair. At least give a six-month gap between your hair care treatments to ensure proper care for your hair.

FAQ On Best Shampoos For Straightened Hair

Which shampoo and conditioner is best for straightened hair?

The St.Botanica Pro Keratin And Argan Oil Shampoo And Conditioner are one of the best shampoos and conditioners for straightened hair in India that can be used to give you the desired result and also hair protection.

What product is best for straight hair?

Smoothing Lotions, Hair Spray, and Tea Tree oil are some of the many products that can give more shine and also strength to naturally straight hair. Those who have chemically treated straightened hair may have to go some further steps including Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair serum, and hair masks.

How do I maintain my straight hair?

It might seem much easier to take care of straight hair than curly hair. But trust me, both types of hair are incomparable in maintenance in their unique ways. while some of the basic methods by which you can take care of your straight hair are using a mild shampoo, finding the right hair products, trimming split ends, avoiding static electricity on the hair, gentle brushing,
blow drying hair in a low setting and so on.

What to use after straightening hair?

The best ways to maintain your chemically straightened hair would include the right use of products. You will find the best tips and product recommendations in this article.


Finally, as the trend of the time moves through straightening, smoothening, and other treatments, it is important to use the best shampoos for straightened hair to ensure a maximum-lasting hairstyle.

Even when chemical treatments on hair can have multiple damaging effects, the right use of keratin shampoo for straightened hair or sulfate-free shampoo for straightened hair would always decrease the impact of the damage caused by the treatment. 

Here we have tried to give you as much of a detailed idea about the top ten best shampoos for straightened hair and also why it is important to use the best shampoo for your straightened hair, based on various verified reviews and feedback. Short nor long, wavy nor straight, your hair is always going to be a thing of beauty and boldness and it is only right to treat that hair of yours in a straight way.

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