Elle King Breaks The Silence On The “Dolly Parton/ Opry Incident”

Following backlash over a performance at the Grand Ole Opry’s Dolly Parton birthday tribute event in January, Elle King has a message for her supporters and haters on her social media platform.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 11, 2024 – 3 minutes read


Nearly two months later, Elle King broke the silence on her being hammered at the Dolly Parton birthday tribute incident that happened at the Grand Ole Opry on January 19. Elle came up with an Instagram post, which was different from the usual apology post.

The Unusual Post


On Sunday morning, King posted “Oh no was my human showing”. She also expressed her gratitude to the people who supported her after the issue. She sent her love to everyone who had sent love to her, realizing she was also a human and already talked to Dolly. King even addressed the people who asked her to k*ll herself. She wrote, “To everyone who told me to k*ll myself, I love you too”.  

A brief video of her sprinting up an arena stairwell, possibly as part of her workout regimen, was posted with the messages. The video highlighted that she’s in great shape and is mindful of her health. The post was flooded with comments. Several people showed their support was backing her. While some others demanded that she post a proper apology for the people who spent their time and money to watch her perform. The singer took a break from social media and canceled her tour programs after this incident. A week prior, the singer had made her return to Instagram with a carousel of images from her most recent shows.

Dolly Parton/ Opry Incident

Elle King, 34, was spotted performing Parton’s “Marry Me” while drunk on stage. She said that she didn’t know much of the song’s lyrics as she sang incoherently. King acknowledged that she even changed the lyrics to suit her needs.

King admitted to being intoxicated during the Grand Ole Opry performance after being seen slurring her words and arguing with the crowd about refunds while on stage. She often used the f-word on stage to agitate the crowd. King questioned why the crowd had paid for an unworthy event for which they would not even be refunded.

She later acknowledged that she had missed the lyrics of the song she was meant to sing, “Marry Me.” She became completely delusional, to the point where she begged the audience to keep the incident a secret from Dolly because it was her birthday. King’s actions infuriated the crowd, and they reacted accordingly.

Several video recordings that revealed King’s heinous deed were making the rounds online. The videos caused a great deal of animosity toward King after becoming popular on TikTok. One of the audience members claimed that King cursed more than ten times on stage, which infuriated the crowd.

The Grand Ole Opry apologized to their fans on X a day later for the terrible events and the words used during the event’s second performance. The apology was shared in response to a statement made by one of the attendees, who said that it was unfortunate that they had to watch the occurrence.

Parton’s Response To The Incident

Dolly Parton, who was not present at the event, later in an interview with Extra backed King and described her as a great artist. She addressed King as a doll with great talent. Parton asked the fans to forgive and forget the Ole Opry incident and defended King by saying that she had been going through a lot of hard things. Parton also said that King has felt worse than anyone. 

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Parton’s response assured that the legend has no intention of defaming the artist. She confirmed that she does not have any intention to publicly criticize another artist. She was more compassionate to the artist and tried to calm down the chaos followed by the show.

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