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How Long Does Waxing Last? What You Should Do To Make It Last Longer?

The secret to making your waxing results last? A well-maintained body.

Written by Ravina K

On Nov 17, 2023 – 11 minutes read

How Long Does Waxing Last and How to Make it Last Longer - Feature

How long does waxing last? With summer officially here, the desire for smooth and flawless skin beckons all of us.

As you prepare to don your favorite pair of shorts or a lovely sundress, you need to remove the bushy bristles that have been growing under layers of clothing for months. And to achieve that silky smooth flawless skin, waxing seems to be the most popular choice.

So, let’s uncover the secrets of waxing longevity in this article. 

How Does Waxing Work?

Waxing has been used for centuries to remove unwanted hair from the body.

How Long Does Waxing Last: Understanding How Waxing Works

The process involves using warm wax on the skin to pull the hair from the root for silky and smooth skin.

There are different kinds of wax available in the market, such as

  • Beeswax
  • Chocolate wax
  • Resin wax

Each has different properties. Sugar waxing or simply sugaring is different from waxing but similar in that both pull out hairs from the roots.

Quick Answer

How long does waxing last?
Waxing typically lasts 3-4 weeks. The duration however varies from person to person. Luckily, some after-care tips can extend the duration to an extent.

Depending on your skin type, need, and hair growth, you can choose from the options available. 

The process:

  1. Wax is heated to the right temperature to loosen it and make it smooth enough to spread over the skin’s surface easily.
  2. Once it is warm, with the help of a special wooden spatula or applicator, a thin layer of wax is spread and applied to the skin in small sections.
  3. Now depending on the type of wax you are using, the professional may pull the hair using a wax-removing strip or directly with their hands once it is a bit cooled down. This may involve some pain.
  4. For a flawless and pain-free experience, the wax or the wax strip is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth with enough force to remove the hair in one go.

We recommend getting it done by a professional if you have no prior waxing experience. 

How long does waxing last after getting it for the first time?

Getting your body waxed for the first time can be a daunting task. But worry not, it is not as painful or complex as it seems.

When you are getting your body waxed for the first time, there are things that you would need to consider like the type of wax to use and the salon, among other things. 

Once you have narrowed down these, the question that bothers most people is how long the first waxing will last.

Typically, the duration is 3-4 weeks.

After your first appointment, you can get waxed every two to four weeks. After that, how regularly you should get waxed depends on how noticeable the hair is, how much it bothers you, and your budget.

The exact time depends on your personal hair growth cycle. If your hair growth rate is fast, then you will have to schedule your next appointment after 3 weeks, else you can go after 5 weeks.

Make sure you take good care of your skin after your first waxing session. The waxed area becomes quite sensitive after the hair removal process. So, wait for at least 24-48 hours before exposing your skin to heat or friction. 

Is It Better to Shave or Wax?

Shaving and waxing both have their pros and cons.
Shaving is pain-free and a quick process, however, the hair also grows fast as compared to waxing. 

What are the factors that will affect how long your waxing lasts?

Unlike shaving, in waxing, the hair is removed from the roots. So, naturally, it takes longer for the hair to grow back as compared to when it is shaved using a razor or hair removal creams. It also makes your skin feel much smoother and silky.

Factors On How Long Does Waxing Last

However, you need to get waxed frequently to be ready to don your favorite dress any time of the day. For that, it is important to schedule your next appointment after a fixed interval. In most cases, the waxed hair regrows from the root after 3-4 weeks.

The duration depends on multiple factors: 

  • Hair growth rate: For some people, the rate of hair growth is much faster than for others. It can be influenced by several factors like genetics(1), hormones, age, hair types and overall health. 
  • Hair thickness: Another factor is the thickness of your hair. Thick hair grows faster and is much more visible than thin hair. Women with conditions like PCOS linked with a rise in the male hormone levels may have coarser hair growing in unusual places (nipple hair, facial hair, etc.)
  • Skin type: People with oily skin experience new hair growth fast as compared to those with dry or normal-type skin. Excessive oil on the skin stimulates the hair follicles, making the hair grow fast as compared to those with dry or normal skin types. 
  • Type of wax: There are two types of wax- soft and hard. Soft wax is removed with the help of disposable waxing strips, while hard wax is removed on its own once it cools down. Hard wax is better for sensitive areas like the face, underarms, and bikini area. 
  • Wax ingredients: Waxes made with different ingredients are available in the market like beeswax, tea tree, and chocolate wax. Which one to pick depends on your skin type and preference.
  • Waxing area: If the area being waxed is constantly exposed to friction or movement like underarms or in the case of pubic hair removal, frequent visits to the salon may be required. Even these areas grow coarser hair, which may be more noticeable and harder to remove than hair that grows in an area less exposed to friction. 
  • Maintenance: On a well-maintained waxed body, hair grows much more slowly. On the other hand, people who do not maintain proper hygiene have to get their skin waxed more often. 

How Long Waxing Lasts For Different Areas

The life of your waxing results depends on many factors. There is no one deciding factor that can make your hair grow faster or slower.

Every hair remains in the anagen growth phase for about 4 weeks. Depending on the body area that phase can be 6 weeks or 8 weeks long.

On average, most people need to schedule their next waxing appointment within 4 weeks. But it majorly depends on the growth rate at the areas too:

Bikini line
(Brazilian wax)
3-5 weeks Stubble starts appearing in the bikini area after 3 weeks (may vary from person to person).
Underarms2-4 weeksUnderarms are subjected to constant friction due to the clothes we wear, so it needs more frequent waxing. Underarm hair also grows faster due to hormonal and other factors. 
Legs4-5 weeksLeg waxing can last up to 5 weeks provided you follow the aftercare routine diligently. 
Arms4-5 weeksIf your hair is thick you might need to visit the salon sooner. 
Eyebrows2-3 weeksWaxed eyebrows start growing back in 2 to 3 weeks.
Upper lip2-4 weeksUpper lip hair can grow back in 2 weeks.

Other Important Things To Know About Waxing 

Waxing is a complex process and people are often confused when going for it for the first time. To help you make the right choice, here are some things you need to know about this process. 

Can you get waxed after 1 week? 

No, waxing regrowth after a week is very less. Because waxing removes hair from the root, there won’t be any visible growth after a week. So, there is no point in going for getting your next wax after a week. 

Does waxing stop hair growth permanently?

No, waxing does not stop hair growth permanently. It removes the hair from the root, so it takes a lot of time for the hair to regrow. However, regular processes can weaken your hair follicles, eventually slowing down the growth of the hair in the long run. 

If you are looking for permanent hair removal, consider more lasting hair removal options like electrolysis or laser hair removal.

How to slow down hair growth after waxing?

There is no permanent way to reduce hair growth after the waxing session. All you can do is follow proper hygiene and take good care of your body.

Using tea tree oil, wearing loose clothes, and exfoliating regularly can be some of the things that will be beneficial to your skin after waxing.  To slow down hair growth rate over time, wax regularly.

How Long Does Waxing Last: Other Important Things To Know About Waxing 

How Long Does Hair Have To Be To Wax?

Your hair should be at least 1/4th of an inch to pull out easily with the wax. If the hair is too short, the wax may not be able to grip the shorter hairs properly and small hair might be left on the body. But make sure that the hair is not too long as it would cause hair breakage instead of puling it out from the root. 

DIY Vs Professional Waxing?

DIY waxing can save you some money, but if you have never done waxing on your own before, it can be dangerous.

Particularly places like bikini areas and underarms can be difficult to wax on your own. The same goes for people with hypersensitive skin who may be prone to allergic reactions.

Getting professional waxing services will help you get more smooth and silky skin without the risk of injury. 

At What Point Can You Get Waxed Again?

You should wait for at least 3 weeks before scheduling your next waxing appointment.

Make sure that the hair is long enough to be pulled properly and not too long as to cause hair breakage. If your hair regrows faster, you can go for an early waxing session. 

Tips And Tricks To Make Wax Last Longer

Scheduling regular waxing appointments can be a bit costly, and home waxing can be time-consuming. Everybody wants to know how to make their wax last longer so that they can go without waxing for some time and also save up some money. Here are some tips and tricks to make your wax last longer: 

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your skin with a good scrub is not only essential to remove dead skin but also to prevent ingrown hairs and make your wax last longer than usual. Try to exfoliate your entire body at least once a week to extend the frequency of your waxing sessions.  

Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing and keeping your skin hydrated is another way to make your wax last longer. Be sure to moisturize your skin regularly to prevent dryness and irritation. Additionally, drink sufficient amounts of water to keep the skin hydrated.

Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing tight clothes causes friction when it comes in contact with the skin, making your wax wear off faster. Waxing can also trigger side effects like breakouts, itching in pubic area and underarms, redness and inflammation in some.

If you want to make your wax last longer, wear loose clothes made with breathable fabric. This will not only keep your skin cool but also reduce irritation. 

Use A Hair Growth Inhibitor

You can also use hair growth inhibitors to slow down the hair growth process. Buy products that contain ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil, or other hair growth inhibitors. They can help to keep your skin smooth for weeks. 

If you are getting your hair waxed, you better stick to it rather than experiment with other methods. 

Avoid Sun Exposure

After getting your body waxed keep it covered by wearing loose full sleeves clothes. Apply sunscreen. Exposure to harsh sun rays can make your skin dry, and dull. 

Schedule Regular Waxing Appointments

Lastly, if you want to reduce the frequency of your waxing session, schedule a regular waxing session.

Waxing regularly reduces the rate of hair growth over time. Also, it is easier to remove the hair from the roots when it is waxed regularly.


1. How can I slow down my hair growth after waxing?

To slow down your hair growth after waxing, exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly. Additionally, stay hydrated and avoid tight clothes to slow down the growth of hair after waxing. 

2. Which wax delays hair growth?

Wax-containing ingredients like tea tree oil, soy extract, chocolate or saw palmetto can delay the growth and regrowth of hair after waxing. However, there is no permanent way to slow hair growth.

3. Which wax removes tan?

Chocolate wax can remove the tanning caused due to UV exposure. It can also make your skin look smooth and shiny. 

4. Should I wax my pubic hair?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to wax your pubic hair. But the skin down there is quite soft and sensitive, so it is recommended to seek professional help. 

5. How long does pubic hair need to be to wax?

The pubic hair must be at least 1/4th of an inch long before you wax it. This allows the wax to grip the hair and remove it from the root easily to ensure smooth skin. 

Concluding Thoughts

How long wax lasts varies based on several factors like the area being waxed, the type of wax being used, and the individual rate of hair growth. On average, a person needs to get waxed after 3-4 weeks for a smooth and sleek body.

Waxing is a fool-proof way to remove the bushy ingrown hairs that bother everyone in the summers, along with regular exfoliation. But keep in mind that body hair is natural and there is no need to be embarrassed about it!

  1. National Library of Medicine.(2010).Clock genes, hair growth and aging. Available at:

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