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The Ultimate Guide On How To Make Your Hair Fluffy!

Turn up the volume! Fluff your hair game with these quick tricks and feel fabulous!

Written by Samara S

On Oct 16, 2023 – 6 minutes read

How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

A full head of healthy, fluffy, voluminous-looking hair is always a stunning look when it comes to everyday hairstyles. Even though having fluffy hair may not initially seem appealing (especially when it’s hot outside), this hairstyle is all about body, movement, and volume with a lived-in appearance. So how to make your hair fluffy?

Like everything else in the world of beauty, getting a carefree, fluffy hairstyle takes some skill, but with a few steps and the right methods, you’ll be rocking this high-volume ‘do in no time. Continue reading for transformational tips on how to get fluffy hair without poof, frizz, or static.

What Is Fluffy Hair? How To Make Your Hair Fluffy?

Fluffy hair typically refers to voluminous, full-bodied hair that appears light and airy. It is characterized by its bouncy and textured look, often achieved through various styling techniques, products, or natural hair texture.

How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Naturally

In the 1980s & 1990s, fluffy hair was often associated with the disco era which gained significant popularity. The fashion and style trends of the time embraced voluminous hairstyles, including big curls, afros, and feathered haircuts. Many iconic figures of the 70s, such as Farrah Fawcett and Cher, contributed to the trend, making voluminous hair a hallmark of the decade’s aesthetic. Other Musicians and celebrities in the 90s like Kurt Cobain and Drew Barrymore were known for their effortless, tousled, and voluminous hair, contributing to the trend’s prevalence during this era.

10 Ways To Have Effortless Dreamy Fluffy Hair

If you are tired of flat, lifeless hair, you are up for a joy ride! We have got ten epic ways to help you achieve that fabulous, full-bodied, fluffy hair you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s dive in:

Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Start with the basics! Swap out your regular hair care products and shampoo for ones specifically designed to add volume. Look for formulas that are lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down.

Dry Shampoo

On those days when your hair is feeling a bit meh, reach for some dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil, and gives your hair an instant boost, making it look fuller and fluffier.

How To Make Your Hair Fluffy - Dry Shampoo

Root-Lifting Magic

The best thing you can do for your hair is to Invest in a quality root-lifting spray or mousse. These gems are designed to be applied directly to the roots, giving your hair that extra lift and oomph from the base up. (1)

Diffuser Drama

When blow-drying your hair, opt for a diffuser attachment. It helps to distribute the heat more evenly, enhancing your hair’s natural texture and creating that coveted fluffy appearance. Pretty wicked, right?

Teasing Techniques

A little bit of teasing can go a long way! Grab a fine-toothed comb and gently tease the roots of your hair to create a natural-looking volume. Just remember, moderation is key here; we’re aiming for fluffy, not frizzy!

Layered hairstyle

You should consider getting a layered haircut for cotton candy-like fluffs! Layers can work wonders, adding dimension and movement to your hair. It instantly gives it that bouncy and fuller-looking look.

Layered hairstyle


This protein-packed potion is magic! You can treat yourself to a professional keratin treatment. Not only does it help to tame frizz, but it can also add significant volume to your locks, leaving you with silky-smooth and fluff-tastic hair. (2)

Perk Up with a Perm

If you are feeling extra adventurous, why not try a perm? This classic technique can add texture and character to your hair makes it easier to style and gives you that enviable fluffy oomph.

Rolling with Velcro

Get your hands on some Velcro rollers. These trusty tools can work wonders, especially if you are aiming for that retro, voluminous look. Just pop them in for a little while during your styling routine, and voila! Fluffy perfection.

Rolling with Velcro

10. Volume spray or powder: Finally, don’t forget to use texturizing powders or sprays. These products are fantastic for creating that effortlessly tousled and lived-in look. Just a few spritzes or shakes and you are on your way to the 90s rockstar era!

So, there you have it! Ten fantastic ways to transform your hair from flat to fabulously fluffy. Pick a few that suit your style and hair type, and get ready to rock that voluminous, head-turning look!

Things To Consider Before Getting Fluffy Hair

Here are a few things you should ponder before diving headfirst into that fabulous fluff. Check these out:

  • Hair Type Assessment: Before anything else, consider your hair type. Fluffy hair might look amazing, but it might not be the best fit for everyone. Ask your hair stylist to analyze your hair’s texture, thickness, and natural volume to understand what works for you the best.
  • Commitment: Fluffy hair isn’t always low-maintenance. You should think about the time and effort you are willing to put in to maintain that volume. It might require regular styling, products, and occasional trips to the salon.
  • Styling Skills and Tools: You learn and assess your styling skills and the tools you have at hand. Fluffy hair might need a bit of finesse to style, so make sure you are comfortable handling the necessary tools like diffusers, rollers, or teasing combs.
  • Weather conditions: Hold your horses and take a moment to think about the local weather of your city. Humid environments can sometimes turn fluffy hair into a frizzy nightmare. You should be aware of how the weather might affect your hair and whether you have the means and time to manage it.
  • Long-Term Hair Health: Nothing is more important than your hair’s health. You should keep in mind that some techniques like frequent teasing or chemical treatments can potentially damage your hair in the long run. Make a calculated decision about whether you are willing to take that risk and if your hair can handle it.

Before you take this leap of faith to enter the fluffy hair paradise, make sure you have considered these key points. Fluffy hair can be a game-changer, but it’s crucial to understand if it’s the right game for you.


The key takeaway is – it’s not that difficult to achieve big, fluffy blowout hair at home, and you can choose to achieve the look without using a blow dryer. The way to the bouncy, flattering shape is a layered cut, but the most important is to have a healthy and weightless volume. Feel free to explore the other options that are on the market, such as dry shampoo, powder, hair spray, diffusers, and heatless curls.


1. Is soft fluffy hair healthy?

Not necessarily because it depends on how it’s achieved and maintained in the long run.

2. What makes hair not fluffy?

Hair may not be fluffy due to excessive oil, product buildup, or lack of proper care

3. How to Keep Hair Fluffy After Sleeping?

To keep hair fluffy after sleeping, use a silk pillowcase and a loose braid or bun before bed.

4. How can I make my hair fluffy in one night?

To make hair fluffy in one night, use a volumizing mousse before blow-drying with a diffuser.

5. What products make hair fluffy?

Products such as dry shampoo, texturizing sprays, and volumizing mousses can make hair fluffy.

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