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How to Use Bath Bombs In and Out of Tub? What are Their Benefits?

Tiny balls of colorful bombs swirling in fizzing water with lit candles are sure Instagram-worthy.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Apr 20, 2023 – 8 minutes read

How To Use Bath Bombs In And Out Of Tub

Not many know how to use bath bombs without bathtubs. There is no surprise if you are surprised though. After all, they are primarily supposed to be used for bathing in a bathtub.

How To Use Bath Bombs In and Out of Tub?

If you know how to draw the best bath, you can pamper your skin and mind with the best bath possible by tossing a couple of bath bombs into the water. Of course, who doesn’t know that? What you may not know is, luckily, these tiny, colored globes work out of the tub too.

How To Use Bath Bombs In And Out Of Tub

Read here how to use bath bombs without bathtubs, how they work, and their benefits.

Bath Bombs, And Why Are They Da Bomb!

If you are not familiar, bath bombs are an innocuous mix of all-natural ingredients and soothing fragrant extracts made to make baths more relaxing and, well, bomb. Besides cleaning your body, their main purpose is to sooth and relax your mind and body. Every minute you spend bathing is time well spent.

These palm-sized, single-use, spherical color bombs fizzle and dissolve rapidly —as soon as you throw them in your tub. But how do bath bombs work exactly? Thanks to the primary ingredients used in them such as sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, they react well with each other to release carbon dioxide gas when tossed in the water(1). This creates that fizzing effect you are looking for!

Once this reaction occurs, they dissolve completely and break apart. As a result, all the good stuff inside them comes out —from therapeutic scents to appealing colorants to conditioning salts and oils to surprising treats, say glitter, rose petals, or lavender. All in all, your water turns into a perfect psychedelic mix of scents and colors. That is your Instagram moment to share with your friends.

Bath drawn at any time is relaxing. But when you have these bath bombs to color and scent your water while conditioning your skin, it is no wonder anyone who knows how to use bath bombs thinks they are da bomb! Now, let’s see what the benefits are of using them.

Benefits Of Bath Bombs

Essentially, there are two kinds of bath bombs. While the first kind aims to be just functional and works to clean you, the other kind creates a whole level of a luxurious experience(2). The first kinds usually work well for those without bathtubs. Anyhow, these are the benefits of using it in your bathing time

Smooth and hydrate dried skin

Once dissolved in water, they help smooth your dried and damaged layers of skin. Thanks to the emollients(3), hydrating oils, and softeners used in them, any skin type will benefit from using it. They give you soft, supple and cleansed skin.

Smooth and hydrate dried skin

Detox and heal your skin

Bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate, which has high alkaline content. It helps in removing toxins, dirt, and oil buildup in your outer skin layer. This, along with citric acid’s, cleansing effects detox and heal your skin, and repair and strengthen the blood vessels. You and your skin will feel refreshed and renewed.

Detox and heal your skin

Relax your sore body and mind

The scents different bath bombs unravel are purely therapeutic. Besides the scent, draping oneself and stretching in a warm bath after a long and tiring day helps decompress the day immensely. Half an hour of bath is enough to relax your body and mind. They are a delicious bonus to the bath. Therefore, knowing how to use bath bombs in and out of the tub has benefits beyond cleansing.

relaxing bath for body and mind

Include all-natural, vegan ingredients

Avoiding chemical products, they use all-natural, vegan-friendly, and chemical-free ingredients. This means they won’t harm your skin or the environment. But if you have highly sensitive skin, it will be best to not use them because of sodium bicarbonate.

Include all-natural, vegan ingredients

Give a spa-like, luxury experience

As soon as you take out bath bombs to use while taking a bath or showering, you enter a luxurious, fancy atmosphere. The opulent scents and effervescent colors give a joyful and warming effect. Just like how you pamper yourself at the spa.

Spa-like, luxury experience bath tub

Offer aromatherapy benefits with different scents

The therapeutic scents bath bombs come in offer aromatherapy benefits and help you mentally and emotionally to rewind. However, you can choose the scent according to your mood —e.g. energizing like citrus or relaxing like lavender. Gauge your mood, then, choose a scent.

Offer aromatherapy benefits with different scents

How To Use Bath Bombs?

Draw your best bath and then, bomb your bath. That’s basically it.

But there are other ways too. Outside the tub, they can be used in the shower and many other ways within the shower. Um, what?

Yes, there are different ways to use them. Take note!

Inside the tub

Toss to your tub

Of course, the first option is tossing them in your filled tub and letting them do their magic. This is the their primary and most obvious use for. Here are a few tips on how to use bath bombs for a more relaxing experience.

  • Make sure the water is warm. Warmer, the better.
  • Add bath oil or bubble bar to the mix.
  • Drop essential oils to customize.
  • Add lavender, rose, or oat milk to calm sensitive skin.

Color bomb your showers

You don’t need to buy shower bombs when you have bath bombs.

Use them as soap

All of them have soap inside, which makes them perfect substitutes for soap. Obviously, they won’t have the same effect as the typical soaps you normally use. All you have to do is break them into two halves and use one half to lather up your body once it dissolves. Rinse well once done.

Use them as soap

Mix in a bucket

If you do not have a bathtub, this is an efficient option. After you fill a bucket with water, drop the bath bomb in it. Once it dissolves and its aroma reaches your senses, pour the water over your body. This is an easy, fast, and practical option.

Tie to your showerhead

Though it sounds weird, tying up on the showerhead is one of the easiest ways to use bath bombs outside a tub. To do so, put them inside a breathable bag or cheesecloth. Once the water gets warm enough, tie it onto the head of your shower, then, run the shower. You can enjoy the dissolved bomb water and its fizz in a different way.

Scrub your skin

How to use bath bombs as a scrub to exfoliate your skin. The texture of it helps you scrub away the dirt and excess oil from your skin. All you have to do is crush it inside a plastic bag until powdered, add 1/3rd lukewarm coconut oil, and a cup of sugar to stir into a sugary mix. There you have it! Apply it all over your body and gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

Outside the tub

There are several ways to use bath bombs without a bathtub. Use your imagination and come up with ideas besides these below.

  • Keep them on the floor of your bathroom for aromatherapy in the shower.
  • Dissolve it in a container and use it as a deodorizer to chase the unpleasant smell away from your bathroom.
  • Treat yourself with a quick pedicure using bath bombs. After cutting it into two halves, drop one half into a bucket filled with lukewarm water. Soak your feet inside for at least 20 minutes, scrub them, and then, dry your feet.
  • Keep pieces of bath bombs in a container in shower cabinets.
  • Place it in see-through bags under or between towel rolls to keep them smelling fresh. Make sure to not use too much.
  • Place a decorative plate near the sink with colorful bombs in tightly sealed bowls or hang them in see-through bags for decoration.
Outside the tub

These are the different ways you can use bath bombs. Like baths, they are also more about the experience and less about function. This means you can use them in any way you see fit as long as it’s sensory experience is used to the fullest.

Finally, let’s move to the frequently asked questions when it comes to using them.

FAQ on Bath Bombs

Can you use bath bombs as soap?

Since all of them come with soap inside them, you can use it as soap to cleanse your skin. But not for those with highly sensitive skin.

Do you put bath bombs before or after you get in the bathtub?

After you fill the tub with warm water, toss them into the water. Then, you get in the tub after they dissolve.

Can you use bath bombs during pregnancy?

Although some brands claim their bath bombs to be safe for use during pregnancy, it is best if you don’t use them after the first trimester. Check with your doctor before using them at any time.

Can bath bombs cause yeast infection?

Unfortunately, yes. Not necessarily to every woman who uses them, but they may be irritating to the vulva.

Do bath bombs clog?

Unless you use it with glitter or confetti, they won’t.

How long can you keep bath bombs before using them?

It is recommended to use them sooner rather than later. Always make sure to store them in an airtight container or a ziplock bag in a cool dark place to keep the moisture from drying out.

Are bath bombs irritating to the skin?

Unless you have super sensitive skin, they won’t. You may as well stay clear of dyes and fragrances to avoid irritation.

Do bath bombs stain your tub?

That depends on the type and color of the bombs you use.

Which is the best bath bomb for sensitive skin?

Fur Bath Drops, $38

Final Words

From a traditional point of view, bath bombs are used inside the tub. However, times have changed, so have their uses. Thanks to beauty bloggers around the world, we know so many different ways to use them in and out of tubs. Meaning, you do not have to have bathtubs if you know how to use bath bombs in a shower or a bucket of water. Hopefully, this article will help you do just that.

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