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What You Must Know About Hybrid Eyelash Extension!

Vying for a more natural staggered lash appearance?

Written by Venu Agrawal

On Oct 4, 2023 – 6 minutes read

Hybrid Eyelash Extension

Hybrid eyelash extensions provide a fuller appearance to your eyes than classic volume lash sets. A hybrid lash is simply the fusion of two types: volume and classic eyelash extensions. Therefore, the hybrid lash extension is excellent if you want to add a little spice to your classic set without acquiring the full set of volume lashes.

Are you ready for a more subtle appearance with a wispy and textured lash extension? Then, let’s begin by distinguishing between classic, volume, and hybrid eyelash extensions.

What Is Hybrid Eyelash Extension?

Are eyelash extensions something you’ve never tried before? Then it’s time to learn the ins and outs of eyelash extensions to understand hybrid set lashes.

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 Among the most common eyelashes are:

Classic Eyelash Extensions:

These are simple, gorgeous, and natural. Classic eyelash extensions come in various materials, thicknesses, lengths, and styles. The standard application method involves attaching one extension to one natural lash. In this way, you can improve the appearance of your eyes in a way that doesn’t look artificial.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions:

Volume eyelash extensions can range from a little enhancement of length and volume to a strikingly voluminous finish. They are done at a 2:1 (2D) ratio, or two extensions per natural lash, up to 10:1 (10D) in mega volume. This is a specialized procedure in which several lashes are fanned and applied to each natural lash.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

The 3D and 4D lash ratios of 3:1 and 4:1, respectively, are extremely common. Anything above a 4D will make you look like you’re wearing hair strips rather than the natural look provided by classic and hybrid lash extensions, ranging from 2D to 6D.

Hybrid Eyelash Set:

When it comes to eyelash extensions, hybrids are one of the best eyelash extensions, combining the advantages of both classic and volume styles. The lashes are defined by a combination of classic and volume lashes (in a 70-30 split). If you’re looking for anything between volume extensions and a natural lash line, this approach is for you.

Hybrid Eyelash Set

For most women, that the hybrid eyelash extension can be the best option of the three as they satisfy the need for both a dramatic and natural look. Before and after pictures of eyelash extensions will help you choose the one to suit your style and liking. Now, let’s focus on how this eyelash extension is done.

How Is Hybrid Eyelashes Extensions Treatment Done?

The great thing about hybrid eyelashes is that you may customize your look based on your preferences, the overall condition of your natural lashes, and your budget. It’s up to you, but the standard ratio is 70 percent classic lashes to 30 percent volume lashes; however, this may vary as you intend; even a ratio of 50:50 is excellent. Whether you desire a spiky hybrid eyelash set or a less lengthy, more natural-looking feathery set, the technician will mix extensions of different thicknesses, sizes, and curls to achieve the desired lash effect.

How Is Hybrid Eyelashes Extensions Treatment Done

Now that you are sure you need that fabulous, more natural eyelash look, how long does it take to acquire a hybrid full-set lash? The following section is for you; read on.

How Long Does It Take To Set Hybrid Eyelashes Extensions?

Are you going out to dinner but don’t like how your eyes look? Hybrid lash extensions are both easy and quick to apply, so you need not worry. Hybrid lash extensions can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete, depending on the ratio you choose and the expertise of the eyelash tech. Wow, that was fast.

But are there things that need your special attention when preparing to apply hybrid eyelash extension? Here is what is required of you.

How To Prepare For Hybrid Eyelashes Attachment

Do this before you go in for your appointment to get hybrid lashes:

  • Make sure your eyelashes are clean and free of debris.
  • Makeup that could get on your clean lashes should be avoided.
  • Ensure you don’t use oil-based products or lash curlers before your treatment.
  • Ensure that you wash your hair before the treatment, as you will need to wait 24 hours before taking a long shower to ensure that the glue has been appropriately attached and dried.

Now that your hybrid eyelash extensions are in place, how long should they last? Read on.

How Long Does Hybrid Lash Set Last?

Self-care procedures significantly impact how long these eyelash extensions endure. Note that hybrid eyelashes are bonded to your natural lashes and will fall out as your natural lashes grow and fall out. Therefore, while hybrid eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks, you can anticipate losing roughly half of them after approximately three to four weeks. (1)

But are there ways to ensure your acquired hybrid lash set lasts longer? Here is what we learned from our research.

How To Care For Hybrid Eyelashes Extensions?

How long hybrid lashes last depends on the care taken immediately following the treatment, especially within the first 24 hours. (2) This is what is required of you:

  • Until the glue has dried, you should avoid long hot baths and steam.
  • Relax and go to sleep lying flat on your back.
  • Don’t play or touch the eyelashes.
  • Don’t use anything that contains oil on your face, and skip using the curler. Avoid using mascaras that can ruin your extensions.
  • Keep your lashes clean to avoid infections.


It is safe to have hybrid eyelash extensions to improve the appearance of your natural lashes. Hybrid eyelashes are a mix of classic and volume eyelashes at a ratio the client wants. To prepare for the hybrid eyelash attachment, wash your natural lashes and keep them free of oily products or cosmetics. If you wish your hybrid lashes to last as long as possible, taking special care of them in the first 24 hours following treatment is essential.

This means no showers or touching them before the glue has dried out. Your hybrid eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks with the proper treatment. Incorrect application, however, can lead to irritation and infection, so it’s best to see a trained lash technician.


1. Can I remove hybrid eyelashes at home?

If you don’t have the right tools, you shouldn’t try to remove lash extensions. If you want your hybrid lash extensions off and cleaned correctly, you need to see a lash technician.

2. How much do hybrid eyelash extensions cost?

Hybrid lash prices can range from $150 to $300, depending on the spa, your location, and the technician’s level of expertise.

3. Are there any side effects from getting hybrid eyelash extensions?

Although uncommon, hybrid lash side effects do occur. Among them are discomfort, damage to your natural lashes, infections, and allergic responses.

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