Mama June Shannon Answers ‘Can Journaling Help Relieve Stress?’

Mama June shares her unique method of journaling her daily life incidents and how it helps her to get rid of the stress and trauma in her life.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Mama June finds stress relief in journaling

Celebrated reality TV star, Mama June Shannon who has played in shows like “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and “Mama June: Family Crisis,” has discovered an unusual way to relieve stress through journaling. She is convinced that writing down her thoughts and feelings in a journal helps her to get relieved, but only if she destroys those scribbles afterward.

For several years, as June states, she has journaled by typing out whatever moves her mind for the day in the notes app on her phone. Her feelings and struggles were so intense that sometimes she would even break into tears while writing out those notes. But importantly, she insists, those entries have to be ridden off right after. According to her, it is fine if you want to journal but every day you have to tear it up to get relieved. The 44-year-old star explains that if you look back at the journal that you wrote you are just going back to the same mindset that you were during the incident.

Her Unparalleled Journaling Routine

Mama June shares her journaling stress relief method

A few years ago, June started this distinctive journaling process when she “learned who June Shannon was for the first time.” She used to note down her problems, worries, and causes of stress at the end of the day. If an issue loomed bothering her the next day, she would write down about it again until she got relieved of it. At one point, she was insistent on writing those journal entries every night rigorously before sleep.  

Now June journals less than before, only doing it “every once in a while,” in her own words. However, when she does journal, she follows the same process- writing out whatever bothers her and then soon after deleting the digital entries or tearing up the paper pages. She claimed that it lets her off so much stress from her body. But she had to either tear it up and throw it away, or she had to erase it off her phone when she had completed doing it.

The Importance Of Letting Off

As per June’s view, the most crucial part is letting go of those journal entries and not clutching onto them forever. She explains that a lot of people journal and they keep it to reflect on later, but she believes that is because they are still where they were at that moment. They don’t grow up out of that situation. She believes that they get stuck revising the same negative thoughts over and over. 

Meanwhile, June takes a positive approach to writing out her disturbing feelings as a way to release them, but she ensures that she never dwells on them anymore, by destroying those entries immediately after. She advises that you do not have to tell your problems to anybody but tell yourself and make sure you delete them later. You have to rip it up every single time 

Her logic is that by letting go of the journal entries, you shut the door of ruminating on past issues and dwelling on those negative headspaces. It instigates you to move forward and feel better instead of looking back to shades.

Applying Method To Life-Struggles

June’s unique journaling method has been taken into serious consideration lately as her family has gone through a difficult time this year. Their reality show “Mama June: Family Crisis” will feature the distressing illness and recent death of June’s oldest daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell. She passed away at the age of 29 after battling stage 4 adrenal cancer

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June’s views of writing down her feelings but not holding onto them seem to be a vital coping mechanism in the wake of such immense grief and loss. By erasing those entries, she allows herself to move forward without getting stuck reliving the pain over and over.

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