“Charmed” Actress Doherty Shares Update On Her Cancer

Shannen Doherty opens up about her relentless battle against stage 4 breast cancer and the progress in the treatment.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 1, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Updates on Doherty's cancer battle

Beverly Hills actress Shannen Doherty conveyed her newfound hope for the future, revealing the positive feedback of a recent cancer treatment that has persistently challenged her expectations. Doherty, the charmed actress of the hit 90’s TV show Beverly Hills, at the age of 52 now, pointed out that after the sixth or seventh treatment, they really had seen it breaking down the blood-brain barrier. Describing the development she said she looked at it as a miracle. Along with Dr Amin Mirhadi, she detailed further that they have decided to keep going with the procedure. 

As the silver rays of Los Angeles sunshine fell across her face while she was waiting for a cover shoot days before Thanksgiving, she asserted that she didn’t want to die of cancer, and she would fight her stage 4 breast cancer. After speaking with her radiation oncologist, the actress revealed that she’s on a new cancer infusion treatment, and despite initial uncertainties, perseverance has paid off.

Doherty Continues To Be Charmed Even After Her Big Battle

Charmed star's cancer updates

The candid actress was celebrated for her roles on the 90s TV show Beverly Hills, 90210, and Charmed. She is upbeat and dry-witted while she was opening up about her battle with breast cancer that has extended even to her bones. She was more determined than ever to keep the fight through her words when she said that She was not done with living and She was not done with creating. She added with a smile that she was not done with hopefully changing things for the better. Shannen is more optimistic after getting her latest health update. It is revealed that the new infusion treatment, she has been on, has yielded some positive results

On Ja.28 episode of her podcast, Let’s Be Informative, while she was describing the ordeal to her oncologist, she said that, after four treatments, they hadn’t really seen any difference and everybody had wanted her to switch. But she decided to keep going with the procedure and hoped for the best. And after the sixth and seventh rounds of treatment, Doherty got the result that she was hoping for. 

The “Charmed” actress was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and she achieved remission in 2017 but only to face a recurrence of the disease as stage 4.  Doherty opened up that last June the cancer had metastasized in her brain and consequently spread to her bones in November. Her eight-year journey with cancer guided her to look back on the big picture of her life. She explores everything from her career highlights and past relationships to the numerous stages of her illness, in her memoir-style podcast, Let’s Be Clear With Shannen Doherty which will be premiered on iHeartReadio on Dec.6.

She aims to raise awareness and apprehension about the disease and plans to raise funds for cancer research, emphasizing that individual contributions can still bring significant changes to the world. Shannen manifests a positive attitude, even after the turbulent exposure marked by brain surgery in 2023. She Thanked god and said she thought she was starting to live the happiest version of her life, on her podcast aired on Dec.25.

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Presently, Doherty expects to proceed into clinical trials as new treatments are developed. As per an estimate conducted by the Susan G Komen organization, 168,000 people live with metastatic breast cancer. But she is instigated by her unfailing desire to prove that she can work despite her cancer diagnosis. And that deep-rooted sense of discipline and willpower holds her together to carry on.

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