Renee Rapp’s Candid Lyrics And Emotional Rollercoaster Captivate London’s Roundhouse

The Mean Girls musical fame Renee Rapp creates personal pop that does not shy away from disastrous melodrama.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Renee Rapp electrifies London's Roundhouse

Renee Rapp is certainly eager to talk her mind out on a public platform. Renee, known for her straight-talking lyrics, rocked London’s Roundhouse with a mesmerizing performance earlier this week. On the stage which was covered in Pride flags, she performed several of her iconic tracks taking the audience through different kinds of emotions all at once. She took the audience on a walk an emotional ride that ended with a pinch of optimism.

Renee Rapp Reaffirms Her Identity As A Lesbian

Renee Rapp electrifies London's Roundhouse

Although the stage was decorated with pride flags, she was earlier thought to be bisexual as she has a history of dating men. However, her recent interview cleared the air and now her identity is described to be a lesbian

She said in a Wednesday interview that she has only recently started to refer to herself as a lesbian, adding that she only recently got into a relationship where she could finally be sure about it. She further added that the character she played in her groundbreaking flick, ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls.’ shared parallels with her lived reality as Leighton Murray (the name of Renee’s character) also turned out to be a lesbian. 

She continued, expressing her surprise that she wasn’t even aware of what was happening in her personal life while the exact same things were occurring to her character on screen. Right before she came out as a lesbian, she was romantically linked to a man, however, she said that she was pretty confused at the time “feeling so insecure.” She recognized her reality when she watched the intimate scenes in the flick which made her realize that was more of what she was looking for. 

She then went on to explain her experience her experience throughout the process which she explained “was not without its complexities.” 

Renee remarked that the show was the most parallel experience she had ever felt. She vividly recalled how she wasn’t acting during the coming-out scene, realizing that she didn’t need a character because it was genuinely her.

The reaffirmation comes after her fans described her as bisexual after her SNL hosting performance earlier this year. It is not the first time Renee has related herself to a character she played onscreen. After the release of Mean Girls, she said the character she played in it, Regina George, being a lesbian was always her representation. “It might not be other people’s representation, but it is mine and that is exactly how I feel. 

Besides the characters she played, Renee also used her music as a medium to chronicle her journey through the realization of her true identity. At one point, she even referred to herself as a “bisexual Justin Bieber.” 

She mentioned that as she was getting older, she realized she just wanted to be like him, referring to Justin Bieber. However, she questioned whether she could love Justin Bieber because she identified as a lesbian.

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Earlier in February, Renee posted a YouTube video lip-syncing over her chart-topper “Tummy Hurts” in which the lyrics were about the pain she suffered while getting over a lost boyfriend, with a caption that read “singing this and then coming out as a lesbian.” 

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