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Quick And Easy Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair!

Long hair in winter? A test of your patience, isn’t it? Here are some quick styles you can do instead of hiding your hair under a hat or scarf.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Mar 24, 2023 – 6 minutes read

Quick And Easy Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair

We all know that when winter comes home, we feel high on celebration. But for the hair on the other hand, it’s a different story. It’s the season that makes both your hair and skin feel dull and drab. No matter your hair texture, density, or type, your strands behave based on the season. And most of you think winter hairstyles for long hair are a messy mess. Oh, I beg to differ.

Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair!

With the right way of caring, long hair listens to you perfectly. And there is a multitude of hairdo options for long hair in the winter. Many celebrities on Instagram and on the red carpet are bringing back the ‘90s styles too. But not all of us have the time or mood to style it leisurely. Do we?

Everybody needs a get-up-and-go hairstyle. An easy-breezy, time-saver style! Don’t you think? I certainly do, I’d rather sleep than style.

winter hairstyles 2020

So, you need modern but easy hairstyles you can flaunt on any occasion. Hairstyles that are unique and bring out the charm and grace in you. Styles that can frame your face delicately or boldly. Styles with easy techniques that elevate a simple hairstyle. I found just about eight such styles.

You long-haired ladies, here is a list of fabulous winter hairstyles for 2020.

Bang Your Bangs

Winter is the best season to add cute little fringes to your everyday look. While summer isn’t always the best time to sway with bangs, winter definitely is! Moreover, adding bangs is the best option for long hair, especially if it’s thick in volume. Thicker the hair, the better the bangs.

winter hairstyles for black hair

With the increased amount of sweat and oil, there is a high chance of your little fringes getting sticky on your forehead in the summer. Hence, the winter bangs! Your long hair doesn’t have to worry about sticky bangs in the front.

There are plenty of different styles to try in bangs -from something face-framing to heavy, full-on bangs. You can either put your long hair in a pony with bangs charming your face or leave them down, while bangs frame your face perfectly. Or, try braiding your long hair while leaving the bangs free. Choose which is best for your face and hair density because either way, you are going to rock it, long and loose!

Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair: High Pony With Retro Twist

Have you noticed Ariana Grande(1) dashing by bringing back the ‘90s high ponytails?

I have to say that a high ponytail is extremely convenient in the winter. If you have long hair, you would want to secure your locks in a bundle without having them get in your mouth in the heavy wind. Hence the high ponytail with a retro twist at the crown. An easy-breezy hairstyle you can pull within two minutes or so on a rushed morning.

retro pony

All you need to do is flip your head over and gather your hair high at the crown. Secure with an elastic band. Grab a ¼ inch section of your hair from the underside of the pony to wrap around the band. Then, you can secure it with a bobby pin. Style your hair further by curling or straightening the loose long hair grabbed in the pony. Easy, but classic!

No-Heat Fairytale Rapunzel Waves

If you are in no mood to take your hair drier or straightener, leave your long tresses out in the air. Curl the lower half of your hair in careful waves for a more luscious look.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair.”

If your hair is naturally wavy, you save time! You can part your hair in the middle or leave them as they are without parting. Run your fingertips over large chunks of hair if you want to go for a messy look(2).

long hair

Or for a better choice, cover the head with a beanie while leaving your hair down in the beach waves. That is if you get easily irritated with hair on your face. A quick updo anyone can do! 

Braid Your Headband

You cannot miss out on this one on winter hairstyles 2023!

Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair

Tease the top hair to add more volume and texture. Take a section of hair from one side of the head and braid it across the head like a headband. Secure the braid with a pin at the other end. Ta-da! Your hair itself is the accessory here. Or be a little fancy by adding dainty hair accessories to the braid.

Low Pony With A Thin Braid

The next one on the list of winter hairstyles for long hair is a low pony with a thin braid. This sure is a cool and outstanding style that can make you stand out among a crowd. At first, you need to section your hair by leaving an inch of hair in the middle to braid. Start by placing your hand about an inch apart at the top of your head and trace your fingers straight down. Clip your side sections out of the way and secure the parted hair with a bobby pin near your ears.

long pony

Create any braid you like with the middle portion. I highly recommend Dutch braid or fishtail and make sure to grab small sections to make the braid look sleek and pretty. Once you reach your neck, secure it with an elastic band. And finally, bundle your hair in a low pony at the base of your neck.

Put A Pin On It

You can ace this easy winter hairstyle for long hair by doing it just by walking! Sweep back a section of your hair from either side and pin it there. Use anything from glittering bobby pins to vintage barrettes to pin back the front of your hair. Let’s lose the rest of your hair in its layering glory.

winter hairstyles 2021

Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair: Lazy French Braid Bun

Another graceful winter hairstyle for long hair. It looks complex to achieve but is surprisingly effortless to actually do it.

interesting hairstyles for long hair

Start by French braiding from above your temple to the nape of your neck on either side of the head. Try to pull your braid gently apart to make them appear fuller. Bundle the braid with the rest of your hair in a low ponytail and secure it in a band. Twist your hair in a loose and messy but smooth bun. Pull at your hair to add volume and make it look fuller.

Elegance with Bobby Pins

This is an easy and perfect hairstyle for a fancy party. All you need is a bunch of fancy bobby pins. Curling your locks will make this hairstyle more elegant. Pinch a small bunch of hair in the middle of your back, about your ear height, and insert the first pin diagonally downwards. Then, insert another one diagonally upwards creating an “X”. Insert fancy little bobby pins diagonally on both sides to complete the look. This an absolutely stunning winter hairstyle for long hair!

winter hairstyles for medium length hair

And there you go. Do a dramatic flip with those long locks!

No need to go anywhere else for winter hairstyles for long hair in 2023. You have a list of easy hairstyles that are perfect for this sweater weather. None of these hairstyles takes much of your time and you can do this every day! Do not forget to graze your hair with some hairspray for a greasy look. Embrace your long hair with a flawless hairstyle.

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