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A Winter Shower Routine That Will Save Your Dry Skin!

Before winter hits, be prepared to prevent dryness by following this effortless winter shower routine for dry skin.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Dec 5, 2023 – 5 minutes read

A Winter Shower Routine That Will Save Your Dry Skin

Let’s figure out a winter shower routine that will get you prepped for the season!

After all, it’s the most beautiful time of the year! Lights are blinding you, gifts are getting packed, and the most awaited decorated trees are up, with snowflakes paving your way. With all the good that winter brings, one thing we dread is the itchy, flaking, dry skin. Let’s change that!

A Winter Shower Routine That Will Save Your Dry Skin

Does your skin feel tight now? Well, winter skincare is no joke!

Be it dry skin or oily skin, winter skincare routine is important. Because it takes away the natural oils from your skin. As the temperature drops, the humidity in the air also declines reducing the hydration levels of your skin.

winter shower routine

You are most likely quick to take care of your face when the snow hits the ground while forgetting the rest of your body. But let me tell you this, lack of attention to your limbs will make you regret later for the dreaded scaly, flaky legs.

Your entire body needs your attention. Not to forget haircare during winter. And guess what, the experts say that these winter skin issues often start from the way you shower. So, it is essential that you bring a change in your winter shower routine if perhaps you are showering the wrong way?

Winter Shower Routine for Dry Skin

Before winter takes its toll on your skin, be prepared to prevent dryness by following this effortless winter shower routine for dry skin.

Use A Dry Body Brush

If you have five minutes to spare, use a dry body brush every time before you step into the shower.

how to bath in winter season

Along with helping in removing cellulite and dead skin cells, a dry brush boosts circulation, reduces ingrown hairs, and gives you smoother and healthier skin.

Say No to Long, Hot Showers

Cold showers are not for winter. And I know that it is too tempting not to take a long, hot shower when the temperature drops. But it’s not a good choice to make hot water bath part of your winter shower routine (1). Because the longer you shower, the drier your skin gets. Taking longer showers will cause defatting of the skin -getting rid of natural oil.

benefits of showering everyday

Instead, lukewarm water can help retain natural oils in your skin. You do not want to make your skin any drier than it already is. The ultimate solution is a 5-minute long shower in lukewarm water because you want to hold on to every bit of your natural oil.

Use A Gentle Cleanser

Completely avoid using those harsh cleansers because flash news, over lathering, will kill your skin!

how often should you shower in the winter

As you are aware that soaps tend to dissolve the skin barrier, avoid using the ones that create too many bubbles. The ingredient called surfactant does this. Read all the ingredients before purchasing your soap or body wash and choose a less aggressive, moisture-rich cleanser made for sensitive skin for your winter skin.

Rinse Off the Soap Completely

Dermatologists warn that not properly rinsing off the soap can make your skin dry and cause irritation(2) and damage the skin barrier. Especially if you are using a harsh cleanser for already dry winter skin.

Bring Back the Traditional Oil Massage

For restoring the lost moisture, bring back the traditional oil massage.

Even a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil can work like magic. Massage your body gently with the oil before getting into your winter shower routine.

cold shower in winter

Apparently, by applying oil before you shower you are creating a barrier between your skin and shower water. The oils contain occlusive agents that increase the hydration levels of your skin. Besides, massaging will get your body blood flowing which can warm you up!

Gently Pat Dry

You might be tempted to roughly wipe off your body to get rid of any trace of water in the freezing cold.

showering daily what doctors say

But remember that your skin will be tender after a shower, so leave it a little damp. Gently pat dry your body with a soft towel without vigorously rubbing it to prevent your skin from drying out.

Moisture Your Skin Deeply

Nothing is more important than moisturizing when it comes to a winter shower routine!

Slather yourself with a thick moisturizer right after you pat your body dry. Most importantly, moisturize when the skin is still warm and damp to seal in the moisture from the water rather than let it evaporate. You have a three-minute window from the shower to moisturizer for best and better results. Save your skin from dehydration!

Are cold showers bad in the winter?

Moisturizing is key in winter skincare routine(3). The more you moisturize your skin, the better.

A non-water-based cream can deeply nourish your skin while keeping it soft and smooth.

Tip: If you are in a hurry, use spray moisturizer to lock in the moisture to avoid those flaky patches you don’t want to see.

Exfoliate In Moderation

Sloughing away the dead cells to prepare for the winter is a necessity. But do not overdo it, especially during the winter.


Cut down the frequency of exfoliation, keep it mild in the winter and don’t forget to moisturize after the scrubbing. If your skin is too dry, avoid exfoliation altogether.

Winter Shower: Day or Night?

If you have dry skin, showering at night is better than a daytime shower.

how to bath in winter season

It can help you relax your body and muscles. Curl up in your bed with your favorite book, after a cup of hot chocolate to end your day.

How often should you shower in winter?

“Should I shower daily in the winter?” – a question many women ask. During the wintertime, limit showering to twice or thrice a week. You don’t sweat much on these cold and breezy days!

winter shower routine

So, that’s how you combat dry winter skin with ease.

Now keep your skin protected in style with the best winter wardrobe choices. Your skin will thank you every season to come. Meanwhile, here are some winter hairstyles to try!

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