Anya Taylor-Joy Is Confirmed To Be Playing A Major Role In Dune: Part Two

The ensemble of Dune; Part Two could not get more star-studded than it already is.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 16, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Star-Studded Dune 2 Premiere with Anya Taylor-Joy

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy is confirmed to have been associated with Dune 2 as she made a surprise appearance at the movie premiere at Leicester Square in London on Thursday. She joined the regulars including Zendaya, Timothee Chamalet, and Austin Butler.

Anya Taylor-Joy Joins Zendaya, Chalamet At Dune 2 Premiere

Anya Taylor-Joy Joins Dune 2 Premiere Glamour

Anya was previously gushed to be a part of the much-awaited Denis Vileneuve’s Dune: Part Two, but there wasn’t any confirmation made from her part, nor did any of the casts mention the Witch alum at the premiere ceremonies. However, her attendance at the London premiere proved all the rumors to be true. Anya, who is now a film star, was spotted posing along with the fashion-forward castmates.    

In an interview that was aired live on Warner Bros, Anya confirmed her presence in the upcoming Dune movie. When the host Yinka Bokinni asked how she felt when she received the movie offer, Anya said that she was over the moon and described the moment to be “a dream come true.” the host then further inquired about her experience with the team to which the budding actress replied “It can’t get any better with the cast and with Denis.” 

She then continued to talk about the film and said that Dune was one of the best films she ever watched. “Genuinely, Denis has killed it.” Following the TikTok interview, it was confirmed that Anya will be seen playing one of the major roles in Frank Herbet’s sci-fi franchise. The rumors about her being part of Dune 2 surfaced after the movie’s name was mentioned under her credits. However, it was removed immediately since her role was bound to be a surprise. However, it is no more a surprise now. Yet, details about Anya’s character have not been revealed, but it is expected to be worth the wait. 

At the London premiere of Dune: Part Two, the fans lined up even before the screening to get a glimpse of Chamalet and Zendaya. The latter has been making headlines straight for a month for her impeccable fashion sense. This time, Zendaya appeared in two Mugler attires- first, she brought glitz to the red carpet sporting a shiny robotic suit.  

The Euphoria stat spun black magic with her astounding look in the skin-tight silver body armor style dress which featured clear cutouts around her backside, arms, legs, and chest. She donned Thierry Mugler’s iconic 1995 couture collection with a sleek pixie cut and a sapphire-embedded Bulgari neckpiece. She was styled by the popular celebrity stylist, Law Roach and besides him, her fans were also left gagged. 

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For the occasion, Anya slipped into a full white gown that accented a long veil staring from her head to the floor. the sheer veil almost covered the plunging neckline of the sleeveless gown, however, it was the highlight of the ensemble. Her glam included red full lips, brushed brows, and winged eyeliner. Also, her blonde hair was more than a visual treat as it was kept open yet looked much more organized under the white long veil. The front portion of her middle-partitioned hair was showcased to give additional glam to Anya’s face which was already filled with excitement and joy.

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