How To Get Natural-Looking Fake Freckles!

Freckle fun, no sunburn – Flaunt your freckles, worry-free!

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How to get natural-looking fake freckles

Are you not among those fortunate enough to have a naturally sun-kissed face? Well, fake freckles, also known as faux freckles, are at your service!  Freckles have a rather interesting origin that goes back to ancient civilizations. For many years, if not centuries, people have admired the idea of having freckles all over their faces. Although not everyone is born with these charming spots, people have found rather creative ways to imitate freckles to revamp their appearance.

People with lighter skin tones with freckles were viewed in the 16th and 17th centuries as beautiful and pure. Back in the 1700s, women applied various things, such as crushed almonds or plant juices, to create artificial freckles. Many people tried to imitate these fake freckles under peer pressure to meet beauty standards. They were perceived as a symbol of youth and innocence. Sadly, freckles lost their popularity in the 20th century replaced by other beauty trends such as rosy cheeks.

Creating Authentic Natural-Looking Fake Freckles: Step-By-Step Guide And Tips

Fast forward to the early 2000s, and freckles made a comeback with a solid bang! Hollywood celebrities played a part to kick-start this trend. Many stars dared to be in their no-filter form in public appearances, which turned out to be fans’ favorite new obsession! This sparked a new trend of people wanting freckles, give rise of fake freckles. 

Creating Authentic Natural-Looking Fake Freckles

Fake freckles, once only created with easily smeared-off eyeliner, recently took the cyber sphere by storm when it spurred a “No Rules/Just Expression” movement to which everyone else seemed to cling. As TikTok’s latest viral beauty trend, it serves as an inspiration for individuality, rather than perpetuating an obsession with youth. Modern fake freckles techniques frequently use cosmetics, like brow pencils or liquid liners, to produce freckles that look natural on the skin.

Freckle-related services, such as semi-permanent freckle application or freckle tattoos, have been made available by beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists. Fake freckles also are an easy and fun way to enjoy this time-honored beauty trend, whether you want a one-day stint or are considering a more permanent solution. So, hop on this trend for a lively burst of cuteness on your face.

Celebrities with Fake Freckles

Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and Miley Cyrus have all been spotted wearing fake freckles for a few years. Since 2016, when cosmetic artist Mimi Choi started making intricate designs of faux freckles, this craze gained even more popularity. Choi’s creations caught a lot of attention after becoming viral on Instagram and TikTok. People started to imitate Choi’s look all across the world, and the rest is history. Today, fake freckles are still in style since they are a good way to give your makeup just a little jazz it needs!

At the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emma Stone appeared to make a fake smear while winning the prize for best actress in a drama. Hugh Vanngo, the makeup artist who shared Selena Gomez’s image from her Fetish video, attracted a lot of attention for doing so. Not only is Hollywood crazy for freckles, but even the royal family flaunts it like a rockstar! We are talking about none other than Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Megan’s face was covered with natural freckles on the day of her wedding. People applauded her for not hiding her imperfection with makeup. 

Easy Ways to Achieve Fake Freckles That Even Beginners Can Master

Freckles, once considered a beauty flaw, has now become a sought-after trend, adding a touch of youthful charm to one’s appearance. Whether you want freckles that last or just a fun experiment, there are several methods of using makeup products to achieve the perfect fake freckles. Let’s read further.

How to Do Fake Freckles with Eyeliner

Choose a brown eyeliner that complements your skin tone. Gently dot the eyeliner across your cheeks and nose for a more natural appearance. Don’t try to be perfect with it because mimicking the look of real freckles is all about unevenness.

How to Make Fake Freckles with Mascara

Using mascara with a spoolie brush (1), you can create smaller, defined freckles. Lightly dab the mascara onto your skin to form freckle-like spots. You should avoid this method if you have shaky hands because it may result in larger-looking freckles.

How to Make Fake Freckles with Eyeshadow

Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette and start playing! Select a matte brown eyeshadow that resembles the color of real freckles. Use a small, clean brush to gently apply the eyeshadow in freckle patterns. This will ensure a natural look and it’s also the best one to try if you are a beginner.

How to Make Homemade Freckles

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Apart from munching on this delicious treat, you can also mix cocoa powder with aloe vera gel to create a DIY natural-looking freckle concoction. With the help of Q tips or your fingers, simply dab the mixture onto your face and allow it to dry for a temporary, freckled appearance.

How to Make Fake Temporary Freckles

You can apply self-tanning lotion or bronzer with a stippling brush to achieve temporary freckles. Like other methods, lightly tap the brush on your skin to ensure a realistic distribution of freckles, giving you a playful, short-term freckled look.

How to Make Fake Freckles That Last

Fake freckles have been a go-to for many makeup enthusiasts since the early days of stage makeup and up to the present day’s Instagram-ready looks. Celebrity influencers and makeup artists have helped the trend gain traction in recent years. The fake freckles trend is here to stay, and it ranges from subtle dusted-on fake freckles to full-on face paint looks.

If you want to learn the art of creating fake freckles that last long, you must follow the following expert tips and product recommendations.

Tips For Lasting Freckles

1. Choose The Right Product:

Go for brow pencils or liquid eyeliners for long-lasting fake freckles, as they adhere better to the skin compared to other makeup products

2. Match Your Skin Tone:

While choosing any brow pencil or eyeliner, make sure to choose one or two shades of your skin tone. This will help you to closely match natural freckles for a more realistic look.

3. Cleanse And Moisturize:

Before applying fake freckles, cleanse your face and moisturize to create a smooth canvas for better application.

4. Freckle On The Right Spots:

Focus on areas where the sun naturally hits your face, like across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. You should avoid filling your entire face with freckles because that may be too obvious and tacky.

5. Dotting Technique:

Use a light hand to gently dot the product on your face. Make sure the sizes and the spacing of the freckles vary for a natural appearance.

Tips For Lasting Freckles

6. Set With Powder:

You can buy any loose setting powder to make the freckles last longer. Use a sponge or fluffy kabuki brush to set them with a light dusting of your favorite translucent powder. This helps prevent smudging throughout the day.

7. Blend With Foundation:

After applying freckles, you can also lightly blend your foundation or BB cream over them for a seamless, blurred natural look.

8. Avoid Touching:

Keep your hands off your face because touching or rubbing your face can smudge the freckles and reduce their longevity.

9. Use Setting Spray:

The last step of your makeup routine should end with a setting spray to lock the freckles in place and ensure they stay put for hours.

10. Remove Gently:

When it’s time to remove the fake freckles, use a gentle makeup remover to avoid any irritation or damage to your skin.

How To Make Fake Freckles without Makeup

If you’re looking to achieve a natural freckled look without makeup products, there are creative DIY methods to try. Learn how to make fake freckles using household items like coffee and a toothbrush, adding a playful touch to your appearance.

How To Make Fake Freckles with Coffee

We believe in ingredients that are easily available to you. So, good news if you are a caffeine addict! Coffee is all you need for this DIY. Brew a strong cup of coffee and allow it to cool. Dip a clean toothbrush into the coffee and gently flick the bristles toward your face. This will create subtle freckle-like spots. Let the coffee dry on your skin for temporary freckles.

How To Make Fake Freckles with A Toothbrush

If you want to be a sustainable girl, go for a used toothbrush for this technique. Start by selecting a shade of brown eyeshadow that matches your desired freckle color. Scrape out the eyeshadow and mixed a few drops of setting spray. Dip the bristles of the toothbrush with the eyeshadow. You can hold the toothbrush a little far from your face and use your thumb to flick the bristles, creating freckle-like spots on your cheeks and nose. This technique allows you to control the size and intensity of the freckles for a natural look.

Safety tips- Always perform a patch test before trying any DIY method to ensure you’re not allergic to the ingredients used. If you get any allergic reactions, contact your doctor immediately.

Remember, these DIY techniques offer temporary results and may not be as long-lasting as makeup products. They provide a fun and non-committal way to experiment with freckles and embrace this popular beauty trend.

Natural Henna For DIY Fake Freckles

If you are from South Asia, then pretty sure you know what Henna is. But if you are not, let’s find out what is Henna and how it can be used to achieve fake freckles. Lawsonia Inermis, also known as natural henna, is a plant-based dye created from the leaves of the henna plant (2). This dye has been used for centuries by various civilizations for beauty and therapeutic purposes. The dried leaves of henna are ground into a powder and mixed with water or other natural ingredients.

Voila! That’s your magic potion! You may have seen intricate and unique temporary tattoos called Henna design (mehndi), which are commonly created using henna paste by people from the Middle East and South Asian countries on cultural events and celebrations. When applied to the skin, the paste produces a lovely reddish-brown stain. Additionally, henna has been used for ages as a natural hair dye, giving hair a lovely reddish-brown color. (3)

Natural Henna For DIY Fake Freckles

Faux freckles are one of the most divisive fashion trends we have seen. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny their popularity, especially on TikTok, where users have developed numerous viral faux-freckle hacks and techniques. By far the most well-liked? Henna freckles! This is a technique for imitating realistic-looking freckles that last longer than makeup but not as long as semi-permanent tattooing and involves applying henna dye directly to the face.

Risks of Henna Freckles

Given that henna is frequently used to temporarily tattoo the skin, this trend may initially appear harmless. Henna freckles do carry some risks, however, as is the case with many fashions in beauty.

So here are some tips from professionals to explain everything you should be aware of before attempting henna freckles (or any other henna-based makeup). It turns out that doing it safely might require a lot more investigation and work than you had anticipated. You need to steer clear of black henna when choosing henna for your freckles. It can result in serious skin problems if used for semi-permanent tattoos. Because these are only meant to be used on hair, not on the skin for any cosmetic purposes. Moreover, the FDA pointed out black henna and considers applying it to the skin to be illegal.  

And it’s not pleasant what happens to your skin when Black henna comes into contact with it. Henna tattoos, particularly those with added dyes may contain contact allergens that can result in various skin reactions. The irritation varies according to the allergy’s severity, exposure time, and intensity. Oozing, inflammation, skin redness, and excruciating pain or itching are all symptoms of severe reactions. The best way to avoid potential harm from henna freckles is to look for naturally-derived dyes — and the best place to find those is directly from a reputable henna artist who makes their dyes, specifically for use on the skin.

How To Apply Henna To Get The Fake Freckles?

You can create charming fake freckles with the natural goodness of henna, adding a touch of boho chic to your look. Here are the steps.

👉Selecting the right henna powder

Ensure you’re using pure, natural henna without any additives or chemicals for a safe application.

👉Mixing the henna paste

Combine the henna powder with water to form a thick, smooth paste. Let it sit for a few hours to release the dye.

👉Prepping your skin

To avoid any allergic reactions, make sure that you have cleansed your face. Ensure that it’s free from any makeup or lotions to allow the henna to soak in properly.

👉Applying the freckles

Use a fine-tipped brush or a toothpick to dab the henna paste onto your face in freckle patterns. Focus on areas where freckles naturally appear.

👉Drying time

Let the henna paste dry completely on your skin. This might take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the henna and environmental conditions.

👉Removing the henna paste

Gently peel off the dried henna paste once it’s ready. Avoid scrubbing or using water immediately after removal.

👉Freckle development:

Over the next 24-48 hours, the henna stain will darken, creating a natural-looking freckled effect.

👉Prolonging the freckles

To extend the lifespan of your faux freckles, avoid excessive scrubbing, and apply a natural oil or balm to protect them.

👉Temporary nature:

Fake freckles created with henna are temporary and will gradually fade over 1-2 weeks.

👉Skin sensitivity:

Most important of all, don’t forget to perform a patch test before applying henna on your face to ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions.

👉Experiment with designs

Feel free to play around with freckle shapes, sizes, and densities to find your desired look.

👉Embrace the charm:

Henna fake freckles offer a unique and artistic touch, adding a bohemian flair to your style. Enjoy the process because it can be imperfect and still be jaw-droppingly gorgeous.


Can You Make Fake Freckles?

Yes, you can create fake freckles by using some natural ingredients or makeup.

How Do You Get Fake Permanent Freckles?

For permanent freckles, consider cosmetic tattooing by a professional.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Fake Freckles?

Cheeks and nose mimic natural freckle placement for best results.

How Do You Give Yourself Natural Freckles?

Use makeup techniques or henna for temporary, natural-looking freckles.


Fake freckles are a fun and fashionable approach to hopping on this time-honored beauty trend. Whether created with makeup or henna- they all work great on every skin tone. If you are looking for a dash of bohemian and youthful charm, there are countless options available from short-term to more long-term solutions. You can experiment with fake freckles for creative expression and individuality while keeping safety precautions in mind. If you want to explore this popular aesthetic or just have fun with your appearance- fake freckles are a fun and non-committal way to do it.

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