Blend And Paint Like A Pro With Basic Makeup Brushes!

Be it for makeup or art, the right brushes are essential for the final result. But you don’t need to be an artist to choose the perfect makeup brushes.

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Blend and Paint Like A Pro With Basic Makeup Brushes

The thrill of newly bought makeup brushes is the obvious feel of tingles in your fingers, even to clumsy hands. Given that, the soft and fluffy bristles of the brushes will make their cost fly above the heads of budget-conscious shoppers. As the saying goes, the bigger the bucks, the better the bristles! The perfection of the makeup lies in the application, right? Everyone should know these base makeup hacks with brushes.

Basic Makeup Brushes Everyone Should Own!

A high-quality brush that lasts beats the low-cost brush that can be easily replaced, anytime. So, don’t get fooled by the flashy brand names and fancy packaging, instead, material and quality should be considered when you purchase. And if you get the right brushes, half the battle is done. No matter how amazing your eyeshadow palette is, you need perfect brushes for perfect blending. 

Basic makeup brushes

Unless you are a professional, you don’t need the gazillion numbers of brushes in makeup kits you carry around. Any beginner in makeup can go around in circles by seeing the numerous brushes in different lengths and sizes. Rows and rows of brushes that are completely different from each other in density, length, bristle shapes, and even material, can confuse you to no end. A few cries of worries when you turn havoc in head mainly include;

“Why do they look similar to each other?”

“What is this brush used for?”

“Why do I need this brush?”

“Which brush do I really need?”

No, you don’t need all of them. However, I’d say keeping twelve of these brushes listed below in your kit will help you paint and blend like a pro. As any beginner, get to know which one is used where on the face, to what effect, and how each brush is used.

Why Should One Own Makeup Brushes?

To contour to perfection, you need a contour brush. Thus, you need brushes for concentrated shadow placement. 

Makeup brushes, for several reasons, put sponges and fingers to shame. Applying makeup with fingers might give you full control but comes with the risk of a high chance of over-applying. Since our fingers have one textural surface while brushes have thousands in the form of soft bristles, brushes will give the polished finish you need. Using fingers is unhygienic and non-professional too. 

Each of the makeup brushes is specifically made for focusing on each area or corner of the face. There are brushes for every step! If you use the brushes for what it is made for, your makeup will be done in the right and perfect way. If you use a brush made for the eye on the side of your face, how do you expect to get the desired result? The right brush comes with the right solution! 

Basic Makeup Brushes For Beginners

From among the hundreds of useful makeup brushes, I have picked twelve necessary ones everyone should own. Keep scrolling!

Foundation Makeup Brushes

While it is not absolutely necessary to use a brush for your liquid foundation, it is necessary to use the brush for mineral foundation or powder foundation. These dome-shaped brushes are dense, full but not fluffy, with synthetic bristles mostly. While using the brush, start from the middle of your face and blend your foundation outward in a circular motion.

Makeup brushes guide

Do in even strokes to get perfect coverage and seamless blend around the edges of the jawline and hairline. Some women use sponges to blend, but brushes are quicker and will give a smooth and poreless finish. So, get one for yourself and try using it with the best waterproof foundations out there!

Concealer Brush

As the name itself suggests, this brush is for concealing. You might want to vanish blemishes and dark circles. The concealer brush can target the little nooks and crannies of your face like the sides of your nose or around the lips. Dab the tip of the brush into the concealer and gently brush the areas you want to be concealed(1). Next, even out the edges smoothly. In the same way, you can soften the delicate areas around your eyes too. 

Essential makeup brushes set

Make sure the brush is antibacterial(2) as it will come in contact with pimples on your face. In short, the best brush, with a tapered head, and firm and flexible bristles will do the job precisely. 

Powder Makeup Brushes

If the setting powder is a savior for you, you will love versatile powder brushes! These long and fluffy bristles will “set” your foundation with just a dust-over. It will sweep away the excess makeup you want to be dusted. Pick a layer of powder and tap the brush [don’t blow], and dust over your face.

Load up the finishing powder for a “caked” look. The size of the brush varies, you might even use it as a blusher or bronzer too.

Contour Brush

If you want to contour subtly, choose a brush with soft bristles. But for a sharp look, choose a brush with blunt bristles and sharp edges. A typical contour brush has soft and dense bristles that are slanted and angular. Slanted bristles make it easier to contour your cheekbones while enhancing the brow bone and narrowing the face.

Best makeup brushes

Contouring is basically sculpting your face by highlighting and sharpening your features, especially the hollows of your cheeks. Contour brushes can opt for both wet and dry products with just a glide-over without any fallout.

Blusher Makeup Brushes

The blushing, rosy cheeks get the credit at the end of the day. That pint of rosiness on the apples of your cheeks stands out the most obvious. Therefore, for that neat blush, you need a dome-shaped blusher brush with long and soft bristles to evenly diffuse the powder pigment.

Choose the fluffiest one you can find to lightly swirl the brush on your cheeks to build color(3). Then, blend it towards your cheekbones, from the inside to the outside, creating a rosy hollow on both sides of the face. You can use blusher brushes for contouring the cheekbones too.

Fan Brush

An upgrade in the row of brushes! The fanciest brush with ultra-soft and light bristles is perfectly shaped to dust the excess powder off your face. Once you have it, you can clean away the obvious makeup mistakes without changing the perfected beauty you created.

Use this brush to delicately highlight your high cheekbones, right under your brows, and the tip of your nose for the glow. Powder with the fan brush will help you stand out at the high points of your face. 

Eyeshadow Makeup Brushes

Many eyeshadow brushes vary in size. The perfect eyeshadow brush is small, not too small, with dense bristles with a rounded tip. It will be perfect to touch the inner corners of the eyes and around the tear ducts.

Basic face makeup brushes

It should be enough to get into all the delicate spaces around your eyes and blend the liquid and dry products evenly. So, swirl the eyeshadow with the brush and sweep it from the lashlines up to the brow bones. This is used for light colors mostly.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Blending is all that makeup is about. If you want a dark look with smoky eyes, a blending brush should do the job. It will buff away the obvious edges while giving a deeper look to the eye. For diffusing color to the crease of the eye without smearing, gently sweep the darker shade with the brush.

Types of makeup brushes

The narrow tip will help you get into the creases without difficulty. And then, these tapered and flexible bristles will help you blend, blend, and blend colors and soften the lines. You can blend multiple colors for a darker finish using the brush by swirling it around the edges of your eyes.

Eyeliner Makeup Brushes

Eyeliners give you those enchanting eyes. This slim brush will give a thin and neat line over your eyes. But if you want a cat-like thick line, you can bend the brush slightly to one side. An easy-to-grip liner is perfect to easily wing the ends. 

Must-have makeup brushes

Angular Brush

Firmer the bristles, the better the brows.

Get an angular brush for eyebrows with a tight and narrow edge and firm bristles. Because to draw a delicate line for eyebrows, an angular brush is a perfect choice. Fill the sparse spaces in your eyebrows by drawing individual brows using brow cream, gel, powder, or pomade(4). The slanted brush will help you get a neat line if you choose to thicken your brows. You can use this as an eyeliner too for wings at the end. There are dual brushes that come with both the angular brush and the spoolie. 


A mascara-looking wand that is essential to comb your eyebrows into place. A sweeping brush with spoolie will make them look natural. You can use this before filling your brows or after filling to even out any harsh marks. With tapered heads and soft bristles, spoolie is the ultimate eyebrow shaping tool anyone should own. 

Basic synthetic makeup brushes

Spoolie is a multitasker. It will help you separate your eyelashes. You can effectively un-clump any excess mascara on the lashes with spoolie’s few sweeps. 

Lip Makeup Brushes

If you prefer lipstick, a lip brush is not a necessity. But to make the lips fuller and its lining neat and perfect, use a lip brush. This thin and pointed brush is especially used to build lip colors when applying darker shades, like red or burgundy. Sweep the brush over your lipstick and carefully line your natural lip line with the brush. Then, fill the rest of your lips for a clean and complete application. 

Ultimate makeup brush guide

Each of these brushes is the basic help any woman can get to create a glowing look, highlighting the soft features in sharp or subtle ways. For this reason, this twelve-member pack is the must-have, basic makeup brushes anyone should own. So, carefully blend the beauty into the mushiness of the skin with these brushes, to flaunt in front of your mirror, and to a crowd of strangers. 

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