Emma Chamberlain Is Not Gatekeeping Her Skincare Routine Anymore

The social media icon reveals her ‘minimal’ makeup and skincare secrets.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Emma Chamberlain reveals skincare secrets

Social media influencer and Lancome global ambassador, Emma Chamberlain, claims minimal makeup is far better than overdoing it as she is bound to sweat it off.

Emma Chamberlain On The Benefits Of Quadruple Cleansing

 Emma Chamberlain's skincare routine disclosed

To keep things simple and elegant, the 22-year-old opts for natural skin and finally, she has revealed all of her secrets including how she managed to get her skin free of acne

“I like supernatural skin,” Chamberlain said in a recent statement. According to the budding star, the makeup will anyway come off, but the natural health of the skin will stay forever. However, she is not completely against makeup as she disclosed that she preferred using “lots of bronzer, chunky lash, but not too chunky, and a solid lip combo.” She emphasizes skincare more than makeup and the reason is that a person will look funny when they sweat in makeup. 

When it comes to makeup, she said that she even begins her makeup with skincare as she never forgets to wash her face with her favorite cleanser before applying any product so that no pores get clogged in the process. Hydrating skin is her first priority. She further explained that hydration does not only imply the amount of water you drink but also the amount of water to be used to nourish your skin’s exterior. While some people skip the process, she always makes sure to wash face before applying makeup. Besides this tip, she shared myriads of useful information such as to start the makeup with skincare products including moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen, and “redo the whole skincare routine” even if you “did it two hours ago.” 

I also like tools, like the micro-current things,” she added. Later, she went on to the after-makeup care that included the usage of cleanser. “I like to go all in with makeup removal and do a quadruple cleanse.” Whenever she is not up for that, she goes on with micellar water

To people who do not understand the quadruple cleanse, it is the opposite of the “bare minimum.” “On some nights, I use the micellar water and that’s it,” she remarked. “But on the other days, we will start with the eye-makeup remover, then micellar water, then cleaning milk, and then with a full cleanser. It is a Quadruple cleanse,” Chamberlain noted. Sometimes, she also likes to go in with Clarifique serum and a chemical exfoliate

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After every night out, her skin usually gets dried and on those occasions, her skincare is quite different from the normal. To treat dry skin, she uses Glenifique serum, Glenifique eye cream, and Glenifique night cream. If the dryness is extreme, she considers a thin layer of the Absolute Oil. However, she credits the quadruple cleanse for the clear skin

The founder of Chamberlain Coffee has more than a million followers on Instagram. In collaboration with Lancome officials, she shared a carousal of pictures on Instagram wearing a white-collar shirt. She topped the shirt with a sky-blue sleepless sweater and paired it with brown loose pants. She was holding a green watering can indicating a garden theme. ‘How do you say beauty in French?” she captioned. Once in a while. She makes sure to come up with a collaboration post with Lancome and her followers are just loving it.

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